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This site deals with the topic of Cross-dressing. On this site I try to approach this phenomenon and discuss my experiences with an intelligent, classy, and upstanding presentation. On many other sites I have posted some of my best photos or videos but I feel I have so much more to share than "pretty pictures".  

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1/20/20...D3 part 2 Vegas Final Evening

1/17/20...Day 3 Pic Illusions

01/14/20...Day 2 Tourist Girls in Vegas

01/09/2020...Day 1 of Annual Vegas Trip

12/25/19...Gift from co-worker of pajamas by Victoria's Secret

11/29/19...casual day and> Formal Night

11/23/19...Dinner and Wing Photos

11/16/19...Sight seeing in Old Town

11/10/19...Dinner and getting Asked to Dance

11/6/19...Costumes and Wedding Dress Photo Shoot

11/1/19...Sacramento Sparkle Week Day 1

10/28/19...Washington DC Grand Finale

10/25/19...With friends and wife for High Tea

10/21/19...Night with a 50's Theme

10/17/19...Tour of Kennedy Center Theater

10/8/19...Country and Couples Dancing

10/4/19...Today I got stuck in a dress while in a Dressing Room

9/29/19...Wandering among the Washington DC Monuments

9/27/19...Washington D.C. gathering Day 1

9/15/19...Shopping for a 50's outfit

9/8/19...New Chargers Fan-Girl pictures

9/5/19...Lunch with Lisa and Wife's Request

8/4/19...Beach Day part 3: Bikini at a park and Then to an Outlet Mall

7/29/19...Beach Day part 2: On the beach in Bikinis

7/23/19...Beach Day Part 1: With Lisa Fishing as Girls

7/6/19...Pics in a new Peach Lace Dress

6/30/19...Feeling pretty in my Red Striped Dress

6/20/19...A Neighbor comments on my toenail polish.

5/23/19...More Summer ideas Misc 2019

4/25/19...Spring Day with Lisa

4/18/19...Ideas for this summer in Washington DC

3/23/19...Knee boots Pictures

3/21/19...Update commentary on why a lot of people view TGs Negatively

3/9/19...Updated page about encountering other TGs in Public

02/19/19...New Photo Page Misc 2019

02/12/19...Tips Update: Finding Style and Pose Inspiration

02/01/19...Ending with a trip to the E.R.

1/30/19...With my wife at a Drag Discussion

1/28/19...Vegas Pics at Grand Canal Mall

1/23/19...Vegas Day 4 Wax Museum

1/1919...Vegas Fun Night with our Wives Country Bar

1/16/19...Vegas Day3: New wig. New Wig

1/13/19...Blog/Photos Evening #2 in Vegas (Drag Bar)

01/11/19...Blog and Photos from day 2 in Vegas: Pedicure and photo-ops in Red Rock Cyn (Day 2)

01/07/ and pics of day 1 in Vegas with wife ( Vegas 2019)

12/31/18...Workout Photos added to Photo Page (Misc 2018)

12/28/18...Posing Photos added to Tips Page (Posing)

List of Recent Updates 

I am a happily married, I have 4 kids and a good job. I would say that I'm pretty much a "normal" guy except I know there is no such thing as "normal".  We all have things that make us a little different. My enjoyment of using clothing and makeup to create feminine images and even go out in public dressed as a woman are those things that make me a little different.