I'll consider offers for anything I own. I've accumulated too much stuff and storage is becoming an issue. Besides, I like having an excuse to go shop for more new things.

Wife's Perspective

My wife was kind enough to take the time to write down her point of view


I've posted a few vintage Heidi items for sale


Tips &Tricks

I'll will be adding to this site often with my latest photos, stories and thoughts. I'll also be posting lots of tips and tricks that I've accrued over the years and highlighting other girls that I admire.


I am a happily married, I have 4 kids and a good job. I would say that I'm pretty much a "normal" guy except I know there is no such thing as "normal".  We all have things that make us a little different. My enjoyment of using clothing and makeup to create feminine images and even go out in public dressed as a woman are those things that make me a little different.

Aborted Outing

It's a weird thing. I had looked forward to today thinking I'd get dressed and go run a little errand enfemm, probably grocery shopping. But when I woke up I wasnt really "feeling it". I got made up anyways thinking that would inspire me but I never really got the desire to go out.....probably not enough caffeine this morning. At least I cataloged some outfits for when I eventually do feel up to it.




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