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The stars aligned or the fates were kind or something and Lisa was available at the same time that I had some free time. There is a little shopping "village" not too far from where I live that decorates heavily each fall in witch themes and with displays featuring large cartoonish witches. The village is one great photo-op after another and lots of people take their kids there for photos. I had always thought it would be a great place for some Halloween cross-dressing pictures. I told Lisa about the idea and she jumped at it. We got there a couple of hours before the shops opened and practically had the place to ourselves. The morning light was great for pictures as well. There were a few workers about and a Mom taking photos of her daughter but everyone we encountered just smiled and went about their business. If they knew the witches having fun were actually 2 men in dresses, they never let on.

Witchy Women

Our first visit to the Halloween Village

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Return to the Witchy Village

Lisa and her friend Danielle asked me if I wanted to join them in a revisit to the Halloween village that Lisa and I had gone to a few years ago (that experience is posted below). Of course I jumped at the chance and soon had a put together a costume.

Danielle was running behind but when Lisa and I arrived it was still early enough that the place was nearly empty so we started taking fun pictures. We didnt have the place to ourselves for very long as other photography minded people soon arrived and before long groups of moms with kids and other groups started filling the place up. At one point a little boy pointed to me and said "A Witch". His grandfather said, "Dont worry. She looks like a nice witch." 

A couple of times people offered to use our camera to take our photo together. Later, Lisa and I were sitting on a bench using the tripod to take our picture and a shop owner commented. She was sweet and agreed to let us take our pictures with her. 

Eventually, Danielle arrived but by then the place was quite busy. The 3 of us made a quick trip around the village getting in a few more creative photos before we had to break things up for the day. 

The only "hard" part was leaving the house and getting back home in broad daylight. As I've done before, I put on the panty hose, bra, dress, heels and makeup at home but put the wig, ear-rings and necklace in a bag to bring along. I wore a baseball cap, sunglasses and a large hunting shirt over my costume. Once I got to the village I parked and discreetly put on the wig and jewelry. 

When it was time to go home I did just the opposite. In the past I've brought along facial wipes and complete guy clothes "just in case" but I didn't bother this time since I knew I could drive right into the garage and close it before getting out of the car.