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New Wig!

Winter 2015-Spring 2016

The corset my wife found for me at a thrift store. The heels I got on clearance at a department store. I got the ears last spring after Easter. Some pantyhose and the bow tie from my tuxedo completed the outfit.

I adore this silver dress but have yet to wear it out somewhere. I also need to decide whether nude pantyhose or the black nylons look better.

A Little Leather...

Happy Easter every-bunny

Outfit and shaping from Glamour Boutique!

I've also had this pink sequin dress and hope I can lose enough weight by my next big transgender event so that I can wear it out.

As I start to consider what transgender events I might attend this year I'm starting to try to decide what outfits I might bring. I like to plan in advance every detail if possible including what dresses, high-heels, pantyhose, jewelry, wigs, bras and even toiletries that I will need. 

A wile back someone challenged me to do a Playboy Bunny outfit. It took me a while find a suitable ensemble but I finally put together something close.

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