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The Greatest Gift

This year my wife presented me with a present. She gave me four Christmas ornaments in the shape of high-heeled shoes to decorate the little Christmas tree that we have in our bedroom. It is probably the favorite gift she gave me this year. The ornaments themselves are pretty but what means the most to me is that she accepts me for who I am and all of the little quirks that I may have. The ornaments are a wonderful symbol of the unconditional love that is by far the greatest gift anyone could hope for.

There is something about the Christmas season that inspires me to want to dress feminine. Maybe it's seeing all of he women decked out in their festive and wintery clothing. Maybe it's being able to "Christmas" shop in the women's clothing department without feeling self conscious. Or maybe it's the winter styles that are very flattering to a body that is not ideally feminine...

Christmas Fun

Something about this time of year ...