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Still looking for the opportunity to do a bridal photo shoot in a picturesque location but since I've gotten this pretty lingerie and redecorated bedroom I thought I'd do a new set of photos.

In my opinion, the artistry of a woman getting dressed is at least as pretty as a woman getting undressed.

Is there anything more beautiful and exciting than a bride on her wedding day?

Posted below are the photos of my first 2 chances to try it on. I hope to get to a nice park next spring or summer and take some more.

When I got home I had to try it on again so I brought it upstairs and was able to look at myself in the full length mirror and walk around a little. It was so much fun. I told my wife that in the spring or early summer next year I’d like to find a nice park to take pictures and she said that would be ok. Now, I should say that she’s not quite as enthusiastic about her husband buying a wedding dress…for himself…as it might seem. But she knows that she is my pride and joy and that as long as we have a wonderful, loving relationship then the quirks each of us have are just that. As she says, “We have an interesting relationship."

I said to her that I should try it on and to my surprise she said, “Go ahead. It’s almost close enough to Halloween”. So I took it down and walked over to the men’s side and went into the dressing room. I walked by a few people including a guy that was near the changing room but I didn’t hesitate and just made sure I didn’t make eye contact. In the dressing room I tried to make sure the flowing dress was not sticking out from under the door. I stepped into the dress and put my arms in the sleeves. They were a little snug but fit. Next was the most important part, the zipper. I started it up and got stuck mid back. It was difficult getting the zipper up because of the weight of the big bow on one side. I wiggled it and worked it and then it went up to the top! It fit! I couldn’t really get a good look in the cramped changing room but I knew I liked it. I brought it back out and told her it fit and she said, “You have to get it.” She knew I’d been looking for one and who knows when I’d ever find one that nice….that fit…..and that inexpensive.

I can hardly wait for my next chance to dress. The other day my wife and I were out running errands and we stopped by the local thrift store. I picked up an item that I am so excited about. We stop in there often to check for specific things and to do a little “treasure hunting”. Usually we each wind up buying a couple articles of clothing or a couple of paperback books. I swung by the wedding dresses as I usually do while my wife was looking for a small desk. I met her over at the furniture and mentioned they had several wedding dresses. She took a look at them and one stood out. It was very pretty white satin with beads and sequins, lace sleeves, a train, embellished edging, deep neckline, puffed shoulders, a big bow on the lower back and a nice veil. And it was only $30!

9/23/13        Wedding Dress

Trying on and buying one while shopping with my wife

12/1/16    New photo set posted below  )