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Errands and Walmart!

A few months ago I changed jobs and it really messed up my schedule so I havent been able to go on some of the family weekend trips. However, this has provided me with a few extra opportunities to dress. 

I wasn't really planning to go out this time but I got an email saying that one of my dresses has sold online and needed to be shipped. I figured driving to the post office after hours would be a nice, safe way to get out of the house a little. 

That evening I did my makeup and experimented with a few outfits. At first I wanted to wear leggings, ankle boots and a form fitting long-sleeve top but I wasnt happy with the results. I finally chose a black and burgundy  top, long jeans and the same boots. I chose my new shorter wig and thought I was looking pretty good. 

As I prepared to box up the dress I realized I didnt have a zip lock bag to place it in. How cool would it be to not let that deter me and to go buy the bags enfemm on the way to the post office! So I decided to make it an adventure and chose a walmart a couple of towns away that was also near a store I like to shop at. 

It was just barely dark so I didnt try any tricks leaving the house. When I got to the Walmart I realized it was much busier than I had expected. Undeterred, I parked and walked toward the store. On my very first time attempting to go out enfemm, 20 or so years ago, I did the same thing but chickened-out before reaching the store. This time it was very windy which blew my hair a lot. I realized that my heels were clicking louder on the pavement that I expected and know that that sound can attract attention. 

I entered among many people coming and going and was determined to look people in the eye. Most people didn't respond in any unusual way except for one man that stared a little longer than most. I smiled at a few people I passed as I tried to find the storage bags but when I reached the bags there was a couple with a small child there trying to pick out some for themselves. I stopped next to them and the man said he was sorry for blocking the shelves and moved over so I could look as well. Soon, I found what I was looking for but had to reach in front of them to get it. I eeked out an "excuse me" and grabbed the box of bags. 

I was pretty nervous and forgot to try to get a photo somewhere but it was probably too crowded for that any ways. The check-out lines were all full so I had to wait in line. In line I felt like a sitting duck. There is nothing for people to do while waiting and might examine me a little closer. But I got through the line and out the store without any problems. 

I got back to my car just as a woman was loading her groceries and 6 year old into her car. I got in and started to package up the dress. The girl in the car next to me looked right at me with a big cheesy grin and waved. I waved back and smiled. I'm sure she was just being silly like most kids her age. It made me feel good. 

I remembered I needed a photo and drove to a more remote part of the parking lot so that I could set up my camera and use the timer and flash to get a good picture. It was pretty windy still and took me 4 or 5 tries to get a good picture. Unfortunately, I must have attracted some attention because a car pulled up near to me and a guy started to get out and walk toward me. I started the engine and locked the doors. Then he got back into the car with his friend and they drove off a little bit and parked near some other cars. I didn't drive off but watched them to see what they were up to and was ready for a confrontation if needed. They got out of their car and I could see them shining flashlights into another parked car. I'm guessing they were just the property security and the flash of my camera had made them curious. 

Since I was so close to the second-hand store I like, I decided I would go there and look for a belt that my wife has said she wanted. Again it was much busier than I expected but I went in and looked around. I quickly realize they didnt have the belt but wanted to find something to try on so that I could take a photo in the dressing room. I found a dress I liked and shopped around a little. A couple of men were talking near the women's dressing rooms and one looked me in the eye for a couple of seconds. I smiled a little and they just kept on talking.  I went into the dressing room and tried on the dress. I was glad I had dressed more casually this time since it was easier to get undressed and redressed again. 

I didnt stay too long or buy the dress. I went to the post office and parked near the front doors. I took a photo of myself from the dashboard using the timer but it didnt come out very well. Inside the post office I deposited the package and left just as another person was parking. I'll have to try that again sometime and take a photo inside. 

After that I went home. It was a successful outing. Even thought it's not conducive to getting many pictures, like the idea of having a list of chores to accomplish and doing them enfemm. I'll have to keep that in mind for next time.