Outing to a Mall

Meeting up with another CD for the first time. Going out in public locally for the first time.

‚ÄčAs you might know the only time I've ever gone out in public was in Las Vegas. Two trips for Diva Las Vegas and once with my wife. Technically, I've been out in public a lot more than that, both locally and out of state but those times I stayed at the fringe, taking photos at closed store fronts, far corners of parks, etc. where I was far from other people. Additionally, I had never met a CD except at the Diva's events. Both of those things changed the other day.


About a year ago a friend suggested I get in touch with Lisa who she said is a cross dresser that lives near you. We emailed several times and found we had a lot of common views on life and talked about some day getting together if we both had the opportunity for some girl-time on the same day. Well, we both are very glad to keep our wives and families as our #1 priority so any time she was available I wasn't and vice-versa. Then about a month ago I told her I would be available on this certain date since my wife would be out of town and she said she thought it would work for her too.  Although she has gone out locally several times she has never met up with another CD. 

As the date got closer we kept in contact and exchanged ideas on where to go, what to do and what to wear. We decided on going to a nearly vacant mall after my kids left for school and then I would be sure to get home well before school got out. I got excited but nervous about going out locally. I hadnt left the house for photos in a couple of years. In anticipation of my girl day I had let my finger nails grow long and the night before I decided to paint my nails. I figured I'd just wear work gloves and do yard work until the kids had to go to school. I did a really nice job and they looked great but at 4:30 in the morning I woke up in a little panic fearing that I might not be able to get them cleaned up before I had to go pick up my kids that afternoon. Also, I didnt want to be avoiding my kids all morning. That would have been letting the cross-dressing detract from my real life. 

After the kids left for school I started to get done up an put clear nail polish on. I had everything planned with military precision. I was all done up with the exception of my lips, wig, shoes and earrings. Those I put in a duffle bag. I put on baggy clothes over my girl clothes, sneakers, a ball cap and sunglasses. I walked out to my car with the bag and drove to the mall. 

When I got to the mall I parked and Lisa said she was still about 10 minutes away so I took off the baggy clothes and finished getting dressed and took some selfies.

When Lisa arrived spotted me waiting in my car, and parked next to me I was very impressed with how well she looked in person and how confidently she got out of her car. That helped relax me and we walked up to the mall entrance. Right away she was spotting good photo locations and I knew I had found a kindred friend. There were a few old couples in the mall and one family but it was pretty desolate. We did a little shopping and took lots of photos. We wondered if people were reading us but there was no real indication they were. We both found things to buy and got in line to make our purchases. Then the cashier looked at us and said, "I can help you ladies down here." Lisa walked over first and I got a few photos of her at the register. Then she did the same for me. I'm sure the cashier knew we were CD's not only because she was able to look at us up close but also because neither of us have perfected the feminine voice yet. I'm sure the taking of photos of such a mundane activity was a big give away as well but we didn't really care. After that we went down to the restrooms. Just before we got there a young lady went in so we decided to wait...and to take a few more pictures while waiting. Finally, went into the ladies room (another first for me!!) and found it empty. I don't think there would have been an issue going in and using the ladies room as long as we were discreet but there's not need to risk making someone uncomfortable if we don't have to.  

We took a few more photos, some of them using a remote control so that we could both be in the picture and we also got one short video. Once done with the mall we decided to go to a park and take some outdoor photos....

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