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Day 2

After a late night no one seemed too keen on getting up early and by the time we rolled out of bed and got dressed and made up it was almost time for lunch. We left the hotel to walk "The Strip". After a bite to eat we just kind of wandered among the ostentatious casino hotels which are rife with great photo spots. I wore jeans, a lacy tank top, long cardigan sweater and ankle boots. Somehow I forgot to bring socks so I decided to go without any socks knowing we would wind up at a mall where I could pick some up. 

We walked among the other tourists and go some fun pictures. Although my ankle boots were pretty comfortable going without socks was starting to cause blisters so I was glad to leave The Strip and drive over to the little mall. We like this particular shopping center especially because of the discount wig store and cheap jewelry. 

Unfortunately I didn't find a wig I liked but I did buy some eyelashes, rings, panties, and socks!

Having had so much fun dancing the night before we were all in agreement to go back to the country bar. Kimber arrived and joined our group. We made sure we got seated where we could be served by the same waitress as the night before and she was glad to see us return. Of course we had tipped really well the night before. Giving people money seems to make people like you more. Weird. 

About half way through the night Michelle, who lives locally, joined us. She is quite tall and dresses less mainstream so when she joined us you could see the people nearby suddenly realize this table of ladies might not be what it seems to be! 

Again we danced a lot. As I was returning to the table from the dance floor one time a guy reached out as if to stop me, then turned to his female companion and said, "She's really pretty". I wasn't sure if he was trying to stop me but I just kept walking since he hadn't addressed me. Another time I was on the dance floor dancing next to a woman and she smiled and said, "You are the Barbie of the Dance Floor"  LOL. 

A couple of drunk girls joined our table and talked for quite a while, one of them saying I had some good dance moves. They especially talked with Kimber but I was ejoying the music and dancing too much to pay attention. 

Our waitress once again was amazing, even continuing to bring soda and water refills after our tab was payed. Eventually I had to use the restroom so I walked in the Ladies Room. There was a short line and the girl waiting in front of me said Hi. As I left the stall and washed up a woman said she liked my dancing. 

I mention all of these compliments not to be bragadocious rather to express how wonderful it was to have such acceptance and friendliness. 

Even though it was late we agreed to go see a local drag show that we've seen the past few years. The little bar was small and smokey but some of the acts were quite good. Mostly though I wasn't very impressed with the more avantguard appearance of most of the performers. Once again we didnt get to bed until about 2am. 

Vegas 2020

This year due to certain conflicts our wives didnt accompany Gina, DonnaKelli and myself for our annual Vegas trip. However we were lucky enough to have Kimber join us for a portion of the weekend this time.

A few days before the trip I texted the others and asked what they wanted to do. We usually try to plan a show and some shopping but the responses this time were: "Dance and take pictures"  and "Bring your Supergirl costume and we'll think of something" That was fine with me. 

We got adjoining rooms and then went out for dinner before transforming into our femme personas. 

We went down to the western bar inside the hotel that has become our favorite and were early enough to get a table next to the dance floor. The waitress was one of the best ever, super cute and friendly and kept bringing refills without being asked! She not only performed on the mechanical bull but joined us on the dance floor a few times. 

There was a table to one side of us with about 6 men on one side and two couples at a table on the other side. One of the couples interacted with us a lot but we couldn't get them to join us on the dance floor. 

The DJ called for a lot of dances and I was lucky that I was one of the few that knew them so it made me feel good to have other people, especially the younger ladies, watching me and following along. 

Both Donnakelli and Gina got asked to dance by men. The only one to ask me to dance was a really drunk girl who could barely walk never mind dance. I was happy to trade dance lessons with Gina (who is a great dancer) since we are each familiar with different styles of couples dances.

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Day 3

(part 1)

Another late night begot another late morning and once again but the time we leisurely rousted out of bed and got dressed it was almost time for lunch. Donnakelli found on the internet a place where they have fun photo backdrops so we decided that would be a fun activity for the day. I had been looking online for off-the-beaten track things to do as well but she always seems to find the winners.

Gina hadnt slep well so she stayed at the hotel while DonnaKelli, Kimber and myself drove to the photo place. Conveniently, the location was inside a mall and we all agreed to hit the food court first. In almost cliche Vegas style the food court had a small stage with a magic show going on. 

I hadnt given it much thought but I had assumed a place that specialized in photo backdrops would have fantastic lighting so I just brought my iphone and not my regular camera with a much better flash. That was a mistake. The photo place was cute with many creative scenes but a little...amature? It could have been much better with better lighting and if they had curved the corners where the walls met the floor the illusions would have been much better. 

Still, we had a lot of fun and came away with some good pictures. I would probably do something like that again. But with a real camera.  

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