Day 2  Part 1

The second day started with an appointment to get a pedicure with Nikki. She had suggested it a few months ago and I was excited and nervous to get one for the first time. She briefed me on what to expect and what to wear so I wore leggings, an athletic top and thong sandals. 

The staff was very friendly and addressed me by name when I said I had an appointment. There were a few other patrons and we fit right in among them. I thoroughly enjoyed feel and smell of the lotions and massages and the results of the nail shaping and coloring was way better than any I had ever done myself. 

After our trip Nikki suggested I keep the polish on my nails for a while since it would be a shame to remove it just a few days after such a significant experience. She also suggested I continue to regularly get pedicures to maintain them whether I get them painted or not. 

Once back to the hotel I changed clothes. DonnaKelli and I drove out to the Red Rocks park to take some photos among the desert scenery. After some discussion we decided to dress somewhat western rather than dressing in active wear. Probably because of the government shutdown there was no one to collect the usual fee at the entrance. The park was busier than we expected so parking was very limited. When we entered the park I pulled the car over so we could get a photo in front of the entrance sign even though there was no clear parking area. Just then a police car pulled up with lights flashing. We quickly decided to procede and luckily the police were stopping to talk to another car that had been driving the wrong way. We took several photos and left before realizing it would have been a fun photo to include the police car in one of the pictures. 

There were lots of hikers but also lots of people just taking photos among the scenery so we didn't look out of place in our tight jeans, heeled boots and fashion tops. The lighting was difficult and parking limited but we were determined to get some good pictures and I think we succeeded.

Once back at the hotel I realized my wallet was missing. I left Donna and walked back to the parking garage to look for my wallet. I didnt find it there so I assumed I had left it in the room. I had to go to the front desk to ask for another key. Since I couldn't show an ID they said a security guard would have to escort me into the room so I could retrieve my ID. After waiting 20 minutes security didnt show up so I approached another person at the front desk. This time they asked a bunch of personal questions..home address, phone #, etc and were able to provide me with another key. I've always thought that getting locked out of my room would be a humiliating experience but with no other option I was not shy at all about going to them for help. Back in the room I did not find my wallet and started to worry that it had been stolen. Then suddenly I remembered taking it out to pay the park entrance but seeing no one to collect the money slipped the wallet into the pocket of the car door. 

Day 3 Part 2

As things usually go we ran a little late getting down to the country bar even though it was in the lobby of our hotel. As a result all of the tables were already occupied. Nikki and I scoped out a couple where it looked like the patrons might be about to leave but the other wives were looking like this might not be their idea of a good time. Gina noticed a couple sitting at a large table and asked if we could use the rest of the table and they agreed, and then soon another table in a prime location between the bar and dance floor opened up and we all sat there. We ordered food and settled in for the evening. 

After joining the dance lessons and doing a few other line dances a man approached our table looking at me and my wife but addressing the table saying, "Girls Night. Does anyone want to dance?" Both Nikki and I said no but I indicated that Gina might want to. She agreed to dance and to my surprise her wife got a real kick out of it saying that Gina never says no to being asked to dance.

While sitting at the table one of the ladies that had been line dancing with us earlier tapped me on the shoulder and said, "I'm sorry to interrupt but I just wanted to say that you remind me of Jennifer Nettles. I apologized sweetly and said I didnt know who that was. She immediately showed me a picture on her phone (was she wondering if I actually was Jennifer Nettles?) I commented how the picture was pretty and thanked her for the compliment. Later I was reminded that Jennifer Nettles is the lead singer of Sugarland.

The dj was the guy who knew me from the previous year and when I went up to request a song he said "Hi Beautiful" and twice he promptly played songs I had requested. 

We danced quite a bit that night. I didnt get asked to dance again but danced with Nikki and also with Gina's wife which was very fun. Gina and Nikki did a waltz. Donnakelli and Gina both got asked to dance a few times. The night turned out to be a whole lot of fun and we even talked about coming back again the next night after our elegant formal dinner that has become the grand finale of our Vegas trips.  

Day 4 part 1

This was to be the last day of our vacation. The idea was for the wives to go off together shopping while the 3 of us went to the was museum for some fun pictures. Nikki's stomach was not feeling good but she left with the ladies hoping she'd feel better. 

Gina, DonnaKelli and I walked to the museum and entered. There were plenty of people there but it wasn't crowded. We had plenty of opportunities to take pictures with the various characters and we took full advantage of it. I texted Nikki a picture of myself next to Tim Mcgraw and she good naturedly responded "you are mean" since she's always thought he was good looking

As we usually do we dressed to blend in wearing outfits that a typical female would wear, or at least a typical well dressed woman. Considering the waxed figures were mostly dressed in their finest we reflected on how much better it might have been to be taking pictures next to James Bond, Marilyn Monroe, or Jennifer Lopez while wearing evening gowns. Actually, we thought it would be optimal if we could change outfits once or twice while there.  

We took turns taking pictures of each other and a few times people offered to use our camera to take photos of the 3 of us. We finished the museum with plenty of time before we had to be back to change clothes for or elegant evening dinner so we decided to go to the upscale Grand Canal Mall for lunch and more photo ops.

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Day 4 Part 2

The nearby mall at the Venitian Casino was busy but so full of beautiful backdrops that we were not out of place taking lots of photos. At one point I thought I overheard someone I walked past say to a friend "That was a guy" but after looking at the videos we took it was apparent that the vast majority of the shoppers had no idea that the 3 of us were men dressed as women. 

At several nice settings we waited for others to take pictures before we got ours and people waited for us as well, once or twice offering to use our camera to take pictures of the 3 of us. A couple of times we found fun poses and others copied us once we were done. I think that might be one of the best compliments...when cis-women imitate what we are doing. 

We reached a large plaza-like space with a bridge over the fake canal and I decided to sit on the wall of the bridge. It was spectacular spot for photos but after a few clicks of the camera a security guard told us we could not sit on the railing like that. He actually was really nice and waited until Gina took the picture before interrupting. 

At another, smaller bridge I wanted to get a picture looking down from the bridge. While Gina tried to take the photo a man kept encroaching closer and closer to me trying to get a photo of the gondola below. When he realized he was practically leaning right in front of me he apologized and moved on to take more photos. 

Finally we concluded it was time to get back to our hotel to meet our wives and get dressed to the nines for our elegant dinner. But things were destined to to take a very unexpected turn.

Vegas With Gurl-Friends and Wives

Day 1

Now an annual occurrence, Nikki and I enjoyed our 6 hour drive together to Vegas. She had been a little apprehensive about going admitting that she didn't feel good about gaining a little weight when the visit with my CD friends and their wives would be so fashion oriented. But she knew she'd be ok once she got there. 

She and I originally planned on having a husband and wife evening the day we arrived but when we heard everyone wanted to go to the country bar for a girls night of dancing Nikki knew I'd want to participate enfemm. 

Once checked in and dressed we met DonnaKelli and her wife at the bar. Unfortunately, both of the other couples had to cancel due to illness so it was just the four of us. We make the best of it doing the dance lessons and dancing to some good music. Nikki and I met a cute lady from Bakersfield who knew a lot of the same dances that we knew. 

The most interesting moment was when the 4 of us were sitting at our table and a guy came up and asked us where we were from. I recognized him as the dj from last year that had been so nice to us. I said, You are the dj aren't you? And he said, You are Heidi ? Right? I said yes and he welcomed us saying to let him know if we needed anything or had any requests. 

Afterwards we went out for icecream and had some interesting conversations about several topics including the impact of supportive spouses and the spectrum of that makes up transgenderism. 

Day 2 (part 2)

DonnaKelli had the great idea of going to see the Australian Bee Gees show so I changed clothes. (Any day with more than two outfits is a great day!) I wore skinny jeans, a form-fitting wrap top, and high heels. So that evening she and I and Gina Lee...and all three of our wives went to the show. We were in the general admission section and I think I saw a couple of people give us strange looks as we entered. When this happens it doesnt really bother me. I know I'm probably the one that tips people off that something here might be a little different since the other two are so incredibly passable. I hope it doesn't bother the others. 

The show was a lot of fun hearing songs that remind me of being a little kid. For the last 2 songs the show opened up a section of the floor and encouraged people to go dance. Even though Nikki nodded for me to go join the group of people dancing it was on the opposite side of the venue and I didnt bother. But then they played Staying Alive and I didnt want to regret not getting up so I bopped my way over there and soon Donna Joined me. Dancing in the high heels was not easy so we mostly just bounced to the music with the other middle aged women and a few men. 

After the show we got dinner at a restaurant in the casino and then called an Uber. All of the walking and dancing had made my feet a little sore so I changed into the flats I had stowed in my purse. Almost immediately we got notice that the uber driver had arrived and we had to virtually run across through the casino trying to find the right door to catch our ride. 

It's always fun to catch an Uber enfemm because the driver is expecting a man. The driver dropped us off at a drag bar that is a favorite of our friend Michelle. She greeted us warmly when we entered. The show began and was not quite as good as the last time but the MC was dressed as Princess Peach (from the Mario Party game) and was super cute. 

As I tried to get the bar tender's attention a guy sitting at the bar struck up a conversation with me. As one of my friends called me away for a photo the gentleman at the bar said he'd get the bartender for me. I met a couple of other people and watching the show was fun but once midnight hit we were all ready to go back to the hotel.

Day 3  Part 1

The third day started with all three couples going out for brunch as husbands and wives (sorry, no photos). This was fun and something we usually reserve for the last morning as we all get ready to return to our homes. We lingered over the meal talking about various things and later Nikki told me it was one of her favorite parts of the trip. I believe she felt that way because she likes to spend time with me as her husband rather than 3+ days as Heidi but also that being able to enjoy time with these people without the cross-dressing meant that they were genuine friends.

Once back at the hotel the wives left us to go to a mall while we got dressed and made up to meet them there. The "swap meet" mall has some interesting booths, good deals and best of all our favorite wig shop. 

I wasn't looking for anything in particular so I tried on several wigs that the salesgirl recommended and finally chose a wig that had a shorter, beach wave look to it. Donnakelli bought a new wig as well as her wife and Gina's wife. 

We casually shopped for quite a wile. I bought eye lashes and found a cute sun hat that Nikki said looked good on me. After I bought it she said, "I guess well have to go on a cruise now."  Soon it was time to go back and change so that we could go dancing at the country bar again. 

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Final Chapter

We all got back to our rooms and started getting all dressed up to visit an elegant restaurant. Nikki said her stomach ache had gotten worse and she thought maybe she had another kidney stone like she had a few months ago. She decided to skip the dinner but told me to go and have fun without her. We were about to leave and everyone looked amazing. I asked Nikki how she was feeling and she indicated the pain was different than in the past. Luckily one of our group had some medical training and after a quick examination said she likely has appendicitis. 

In half a second I considered the prospect of taking her to the ER all dolled up the way I was and the long night we likely had ahead of us. So while she got dressed I whipped off my wig, dress, pantyhose, and everything else and wiped clean my face. Luckily I had on press-on nails and I flicked them off as I put back on the only set of guy clothes I had. In less than 5 minutes!

Once at the hospital it was determined that she indeed had appendicitis and they did surgery that night. The surgery went well and we had to stay an extra day in Vegas while she recovered enough for the drive home. We joked about how it would have been interesting if she had been feeling good enough to go to dinner only to have to go straight from there to the hospital.  

I never even got a picture of my ensemble that night so I had to recreate the look for this post.