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Day 2 Part 1

The second day I ran out and grabbed some some fast food breakfast and brought it back to the room since Nikki was still not feeling good. I knew the others would be in no hurry to get together since we had been out pretty late and it is a common strategy among cross-dressers to delay putting on the makeup and feminine attire so as to shave as late as possible in hopes that the 5 oclock shadow wont be an issue. Even so, I had to shave twice each day. 

I was really hoping to meet Nora at a park 20 minutes outside the city for some fun pictures but had to abandon that plan. Since she had a makeover at 1pm and I needed to visit the wig store to get my favorite wig reconditioned and still be back in time to get to Gilley's early enough to get a couple of tables I knew we would be rushing at best.

The day was a relatively warm day so I chose to wear capri jeans, sandals, and a long sleeve stretchy top. I decided to paint my nails even thought it might create an issue the next morning going out for breakfast before transforming.

Nikki and I drove with Donnakelli and her wife and met Kris and Gina at the swap-meet style mall. The staff at Vegas Girl Wigs was glad to see us and remembered us from the year before.  I had forgotten to bring a second wig so that I could leave the one I was wearing to be worked on but was easily convinced to buy a new one and return the next day to pick up the old one. Almost everyone had a good time trying on different styles  but I could not convince Nikki to try one as well.  We left that day having bought 5 wigs including purchases by Donnakelli's wife.  

We shopped around the "swap meet" stores a for a while and the ladies made several purchases. Donnakelli admitted that in her rush to pack for the trip she had completely forgotten to pack any bras or panties so I joined her in getting some new underwear. However Nikki was still feeling under the weather and had a prescription called into a nearby chain pharmacy. 

I drove the others back to the hotels. Donnakelli offered to go with me back to pick up the prescription. At the pharmacy I gave the technicians all of the personal and insurance information and waited in line for the medication to be ready. When it was my turn to be served they seemed confused since the insurance card was in (my male name)'s name. I said, "yes, that is the primary cardholder" and eventually they figured it out. I'm not sure what they were thinking but this was the first time I had such an involved interaction while enfemm....and using the insurance card with my male name on it to boot. Logically, they could have assumed that I was Nikki and that the cardholder was my husband but since they were confused by the situation I'm guessing they made me to be a man crossdressing. 

I made it back to the hotel with barely enough time to change clothes and get ready to go country dancing at Gilleys.  

Day 2 Part 2

After giving Nikki her medication I had just enough time to change clothes, shave again, and reapply makeup on the bottom half of my face. It can be tricky getting the makeup to look natural and blend with the makeup on the upper half of the face that had been done earlier in the day but I was more successful this trip than past attempts. In the past I have used a technique I’d read about of using an electric razor to smooth away 5 oclock shadow without removing the makeup and then just touching it up but when I tried that on the first night I was very unhappy with the results.

Last year I wore a cream dancing dress. This year I decided to wear jeans and a cold shoulder top. Nikki suggested I tuck in the front to be a little more stylish and to also show off my cowgirl belt. DonnaKelli, her wife and Gina beat us to Gilley’s cowboy bar and had already pushed 3 tables together. Soon others joined and eventually we had 11 “ladies” in our group although only 3 were genetic girls. The incomparable Michelle “The Tall” who is sometimes nicknamed “Bombshell” and her wife Grace were there as well as a gurl named Tiffany and another friend of Michelle that I hadn’t met before. Stephanie and Samantha who happened to be in town joined us to complete our group.

Almost as soon as we got settled in the DJ announced the line dance lessons were starting so Gina, Donnakelli and I walked out to the middle of the dance floor. About a dozen other patrons followed suit to take part in the lessons. The bar was already pretty full and it was fun seeing people watching and to wonder what they were thinking. Although the dance was one I didn’t already know, the lesson was pretty easy for me since I was familiar with the different steps employed so by the end of the lesson I was able to put some style and sass into my steps. Gina and Donnakelli seemed to be having fun and kept up quite well. At one point I looked up and saw Nikki using her phone to make a video of us.

To my delight the DJ played a lot of songs I liked and the versions of the dances were ones I was familiar with. I actually had to restrain myself from dancing too much so that I could keep perspiration under control. I tried to keep my body movements feminine and emulate the women I see weekly at home.  As I returned to the table a woman from a nearby table grabbed me and said “OMG you are so pretty. You are ALL so pretty.”  I thanked her and asked her if she danced. She said “No I don’t know how” and I told her and her friend that I would get them out there the next time there is an easy one.

Gina told me she’d like to learn to 2 step and I said I’d show her the basics. I asked Nikki if that was OK and she said to go ahead. It’s not unusual to see girls dancing together so I didn’t hesitate to go out there and lead Gina around the dance floor. She is a natural dancer and picked up the rhythm of the footwork very quickly.

Back at the tables Tiffany mentioned she only knew one line dance, a “new” one called “Cupid Shuffle”. I said I knew that one and went over to the DJ and said, “I know it’s kind of early for a pop song but could you play Cupid Shuffle?” The DJ said it indeed was pretty early for that but said he’d see what he could do. The very next song was Cupid Shuffle so I pointed at Tiffany and also grabbed the 2 ladies from the table next to us and we all went out onto the dance floor. The dance floor filled up quickly and most of our group joined in. A waltz came on and Gina offered to return the favor and teach me how to waltz so she now took the lead and lead me around the dance floor. It was fun trying to follow a lead and be as graceful as I could.

Before long Gina was getting asked to dance by gentlemen and she had one in particular dance with her several times who was really good at teaching her to 2-step. At one point he hesitantly asked her if “one” of the girls in our group was not actually a girl. Gina discretely answered and said that indeed one of the girls was actually a guy in drag. He continued on, telling her about how at a wedding once there had been a guest who was a trans-woman and someone had wanted to make her feel welcome and asked him to dance with her. He had refused saying he would never dance with someone like that. Gina just smiled and said she understood.

To my surprise Nikki asked me if I wanted to do a slow swing dance with her so I was happy to oblige. A few other times she asked me to either join her in a line dance or couples dance and I was very happy that she was so comfortable doing it as two girls having fun together. She was genuinely having fun but later admitted that part of the reason she had couple-danced with me was to make it clear to other patrons that we were together. The only downer was when one of our favorite slow dance songs came on and we just sat out holding each other’s hands discretely.

Eventually, the wives and others pooped out but Donnakelli, Gina and I were having too much fun so we stayed a bit longer. Even the people at the table next to us left but not before the one woman thanked us for a fun night and gave several of us a big hug.

A man approached Donnakelli a few times saying that his friend was too shy to ask her to dance and would she instead ask him.  That situation is fraught with possible danger and she wisely yet politely refused.

The bar regulars now filled the dance floor when another fun line dance came on so I joined the crowd. As the dance ended a 20-something girl who was a great dancer smiled at me and commented on how I knew a lot more of the dances than the rest of the people in my group. I agreed and she said I could count on her to dance with me any time. A few songs later a good song came on that I knew a fun dance to so I looked for her, before I found her she found me and suggested the same dance I was thinking of! After the song ended she gave me a hug and we both said how much fun that was. 

Finally, we decided it was time to go but not before getting a picture out in front of the Gilleys sign. As we began to try to figure out where to pose a man who was lingering nearby smoking asked me if a transgender event was in town. I said no. Then he asked if I was from Vegas. I said No and he said how that surprised him since I knew so many of the dances. I tried to be polite so I asked him if he danced and said No, that he was the DJ that I had asked to play the Cupid Shuffle and added how it was a good call because it really got the people out into the dance floor.

We talked a little more and he offered to be our photographer. As we left he gave me his card and said to let him know when we’d be back and he’d put us on the guest list.



Vegas 2018

Day 1 part 1

For the 3rd year in a row I went to Las Vegas in January to escape the dismal winter for some "girl time". Once again my wife came along. As it turned out several others joined us including 4 other wives!

Nikki and I went to nice breakfast before returning to the hotel so that I could get myself made up and dressed as a woman. DonnaKelli, Gina, and Kris all were in town and we all decided to meet at the mall for lunch with our wives. Nikki was still struggling to recover from the flu but was excited to see our friends and meet new ones so she forged along. I dressed in a black tank top with sequin decoration, skinny jeans, a long tan cardigan, and tan ankle of my favorite looks, and wore my short, wavey wig.

We walked out of the hotel and joined the crowds on the sidewalks as we crossed the street to the mall. As we walked through the mall I smiled a little each time a vendor called to us, "Hello Ladies. Would you like a sample of..."

Lunch was fun. DonnaKelli and Kris had yet to transform and joined us as their male personas while Gina and I were enfemm. After lunch DonnaKelli and Kris went back to their hotels to change, the wives all left to shop together and talk (Nikki was really looking forward to some wife-talk) and Gina and I decided to wander about and find some places to take some fun pictures. 

We found a little cafe outside that was closed but we used the setting to take some photos.

A couple that was passing by offered to take a photo of the two of us so we let them. Then we went down to the street to take some "action" photos on the sidewalk. As Gina and I looked for a good setting a couple of men watched and one of them approached saying he would be glad to take the photo of the two of us. So we thanked him and posed together as he took the picture. 

We wandered over to the Treasure Island casino, taking a few photos as we went and wound up at Gilley's Saloon. There were only a few people there at this time of day so we used the space to take pictures on the bar stools (some of which are actually saddles) and on the dance floor. Finally, we got some frozen yogurt together before parting ways. Nikki had pooped out from some successful shopping but was a little disappointed that the wives never really got around to some deeper conversations. 

The eight of us arranged to have dinner at the Oasis casino where we would be seeing a show that evening.


Day 1, part 2

We got dressed up to meet the others at a nice restaurant inside the Oasis. I wore a cream colored Grecian dress that Nikki had picked out for me one afternoon when we were killing time at a Ross store last June in Oregon. It has been fun over the past few months as she and I looked for and found the right shoes and jewelry to wear with it. I chose to not wear pantyhose even though I prefer to since bare legs fit the outfit better and I was happy to let my painted toes show.  

I knew there would be a fair amount of walking so I packed a pair of sandals in my purse but wore the gold strappy high heels to walk through our casino hotel and over to the one where the dinner and show would be. As we made our way to the restaurant a man walked past me and I heard him quietly say in an impressed voice, "Nice dress."  

We were seated and had a nice meal and none of the other patrons or staff treated us any different than if 4 of us were not men in women's clothing. Eventually, I had to use the restroom. Strangely, the ladies room walls were all mirrors and to some degree you could see the reflection into the next stall. As I sat down the restroom door opened and someone entered the next stall. Luckily it was someone from our party. Although I doubt a stranger entering would have lead to any discomfort, I was still glad it was someone I knew. 

After dinner we took a few pictures and then joined the crowd waiting to get into the show. The polished floors were pretty slick to be walking in 4 inch heels but I managed well. We found our seats and a man and woman had to stand up as we passed in front of them. I took the last seat next to them. They made a few polite comments and laughed when I suggested they put their bags down at their feet to discourage other spectators from passing through our row of seats. 

After the show the wives decided to call it a night while the rest of us went to meet a friend at bar with a drag show. After walking across the casino again I decided I had had enough of the heels and slipped into my low sandals. The previous day I had witnessed a vending machine in one of the casino lobbies selling "emergency flats" so I guess it is quite common for women to need to change out of their cute shoes into something better for walking. 

The drag show was good, some of the lip syncing was so good we had to inquire whether it was live or not. However I missed a lot of the performances socializing with others and even dancing a little when the beat became irresistible.  About 1am we decided to call it a night so I used my Uber app to summon a ride. The car pulled up as the 3 of us stood by the road in our dresses and heels and the driver inquired if one of us was the male name on the ride request. I answered yes and without blinking an eye she let us in and took us back to our hotels.   

Day 3 Part 1

The third and last day's plan was that I'd get a makeover, return to pick up my wig and then a nice dinner in the evening. 

Siince the makeover wasnt until 11am I again offered to go bring back breakfast while Nikki stayed in the room. I hadnt bothered to take off the red nail polish and decided to just go ahead and run this errand in male mode...with polished nails. It was a little chilly so keeping my hands in my pockets was natural. Of course when it came time to pay I had to reveal my nails and I did so confidently. The male cashier just casually said, "Is red your favorite color."  I said, "Sometimes" and he continued to process my order. 

I'd only had one makeover in the past and was not impressed. I am happy with my look and makeup skills but it is always interesting to see the techniques of a professional. Many of my friends have gone to this makeover artist and the results have been very good so I was interested to see what my results would be in her hands.

I arrived at the studio in male mode with my girl clothes in a bag. The owner greeted me warmly and showed me to a room to change. The makeover went smoothly and she demonstrated some techniques that were way more professional than what I do.  After the makeover she took a few pictures of me and sent me on my way. I thought she had done a wonderful job on my hair but was somewhat underwhelmed with the makeup results.  I'm still glad I gave it a try.

To my surprise many of the group wanted to return with me to the swap-meet-mall. Gina's wife who hadn't gone the previous day was interested especially in the wig store and the Vocal brand booths.

Since it was a relatively cool day I chose to wear white jeans, a long red cowl neck sweater and knee-high boots with 3 inch heels. 

Vegas Girls Wigs had done a fabulous job on reconditioning my wig and while we were there Gina's wife had a blast trying on wigs and wound up buying a few for herself. Everyone kind of separated and wandered and I eventually found my way to a Vocal Tops booth where Gina and her wife were being helped by a little Korean woman. This was obviously the same endearingly tactless woman that had sold my wife a couple of tops the day before. I browsed around a little when from across the way the Korean woman yelled at me ijn her broken English holding up a pretty top, "Hey Blond Lady. This good for you."  I came over and looked at her selection and realizing it was the same one she had sold my wife I said, "I do like it but it is the same one you sold my wife yesterday." The look of shock on her face was priceless. "I thought you was a good girl."  I smile and said I am a girl today. She laughed at my response but seemed have lost any interest in helping me pick out new tops.

​When I returned to the hotel Nikki had already had lunch so I asked her if she would be willing to go to the Venetian to take some photos of me in my new wig and makeover in such a picturesque location.  We took several photos with me posing in different spots and at one time a small group of men walked by and seeing me posing and Nikki shooting he said "Work it girl!".   I got a few more photos milling among the crowds including a humorous one of a couple of women checking me out before returning to the hotel to change into our cocktail dresses for our elegant evening.

Day 3 part 2

With plenty of time to get ready for the dinner Nikki and I took our time getting undressed. Much to my surprise and delight she found a passionate way to use the time well but I'll spare you the details.

What now seems like a tradition, we met the others at a "speakeasy" Italian restaurant. That gave us all a good excuse go get all dressed up. I wore a high-neck sleeveless cocktail dress with a flared skirt, black hose and 4 inch heels. Nikki wore a beaded black cold shoulder dress with nude hose and black pumps.

Nora and her wife were already there having dinner. Due to confusion and uncertain planning as well as inflexibility in the establishment's policies Nora and wife had to be seated separately but we talked with them for 10 minutes or so before being seated ourselves. Both of them were very sweet and It was a special treat meeting Nora's wife and for the wives to connect for a bit.

Everyone was radiant in their evening wear and 2 of the wives even wore wigs they had bought earlier to glam up more than usual.

The waitstaff was very polite and attentive. One of them even recognized Donnakelli from last year. Of course we took pictures and laughed but also had some serious conversations and got to know each other better. I had an especially good conversation with Kris's wife Candy about their family. Nora and her wife came by as they were leaving. We couldn't convince them to pull up chairs and stay for a bit ( I doubt the establishment would have permitted it) but they did linger and chat for several minutes....and of course got a few photos.

Nikki seemed more comfortable and relaed than she had ever been before with this group of people and with me as Heidi.  

The restaurant stayed crowded but before we left we wanted to get some group pictures so the staff lead us to a party room. As we walked by a table of about 8-10 gentlemen I heard at least one say, "Have a good evening, Ladies."  

We took a bunch of fun photos and said our goodbye's in the long drawn out way of friends that may not see each other again for a long time. However, we decided to meet in the morning for breakfast in the fashion of more traditional husbands and wives. 

That next morning's breakfast was fun as well. It's always interesting to see "girlfriends" in their male personas. Kris commented on how surprised he was at how dark my facial hair was. I admitted I have to shave twice a day when in girl mode and then jealously noticed how none of the other guys in the group had noticeable facial hair. We took one more group photo of the husbands and wives (which I won't post) before everyone departed to return to their homes. 

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