Day 3 -- Saturday

Saturday started rather slowly. We took out time getting up. Neither of us are very good at sleeping in and by late morning we were both ready to go. The plan was for DonnaKelli and I  get together and shop or something while our wives spent some time together. I know my wife had a ton of things she wanted to discuss with her counterpart.

I dressed in skinny jeans, heeled boots, a tank top and a long cardigan. To pass the time while waiting for them to get ready I took some pictures in the elevator lobby and then my wife remembered she had left her sunglasses in the car and asked me to go get them. It was quite a vote of confidence for her to ask me to go out enfemm and run an errand for her. Again, I was impressed with the other hotel guests that would hold the door for me or wait for me to get on and off the elevator first.

My wife and I decided to grab a bite to eat so we stopped at a little bakery within Paris and ordered some slices of pizza and drinks. The place was pretty busy and we sat at one of the few open tables. No one paid us much attention and we chatted a little. I am still working on developing a feminine voice and can't yet pull it up on demand so mostly I just tried to talk in a somewhat higher and softer voice than I usually use but I don't think it gave me away or at least no one seemed alarmed by it. Later, my wife admitted this was the hardest thing to do...just go out as two girls. I guess when in a group with other TG's it is more like a fun party but when just the two of us are doing every day things it is a little more intimidating.

As we walked to the parking garage we passed a skin care store and the lady out front offered me some samples. Then she asked if I wanted some for my wife too. Oh well. I guess she wasn't fooled at all.  

We met DonnaKelli and let the girls go off together. Diana and Kelli were at the Swap meet so we decided to go back there again. We found them near a cosmetics and jewelry store so we spent some time looking around in there. At one point a woman asked my opinion on necklaces, at another point a woman asked me what brand of foundation I use. I love when GG's interact with me but I'm usually not very prepared to respond. And I'm terrible at remembering brand names.

Once again, time flew by and we had to wrap things up so that we could make it to dinner. The wives were having a good time shopping and the money spent was well worth it for them to get to connect and share things that they can't really share with most of their friends. My wife did later admit she felt a little guilty doing all of that shopping without me knowing I would have loved was actually one of the things we had planned to do together but never got around to. 

There were 12 of us at the restaurant. Three Genetic Girls, one man, and 8 t-girls of one variety or another. It had been a pleasure meeting Grace who, as far as I know, was the only one of us that is transitioning. She was sweet and fun, very nice to my wife, but I never really got a chance to talk to her one-on-one.

Dinner was wonderful. My wife followed through with her idea to do her own version of crossdressing by wearing the pinstripe trousers, white button-down shirt, black suspenders, a loose pink tie and a fedora she had picked up at a store in the hotel. She finished the outfit with black high heeled pumps. She looked so cute and it was obvious she was having fun. I wore a blue and white wrap dress and black patent leather stiletto heeled boots. 

We wound up staying at the restaurant until most of the other patrons were gone, which was good because, with it being the last day of our "event", there was a lot of picture taking. 

Nikki's Adventure in Gender-Land

(written by Heidi's wife)

Vegas 2017

With my wife!!!!

(Her commentary is posted at the bottom)

Day 2---Friday

Friday morning my wife and left the hotel as husband and wife and walked down a block to have breakfast together. This was the plan so that she could then go off and do something if she had had enough of seeing me and my friends in our alternate genders. However, after we got back to the room and started getting done up she said she would come along to the swap-meet mall with me. I was thrilled that she had had a good enough time yesterday among the tgirls to do it again. I dressed in gray jeggings a light blue knit top, black medium heeled ankle boots and a black and white scarf.  

We met Stephanie, DonnaKelli and her wife there and did some browsing around and talking. I tried to make a point of not shying away from interacting with people so that I could practice speaking in a more feminine way. I could  tell my wife was feeling comfortable with the fact that her husband was dressed as a girl when she suggested we get matching purse-wallets. We took a few silly pictures and before we knew it we had to hustle back to the hotel to start getting ready for dinner before going to the Celine Dion show. 

I dressed in a shapely purple dress, nude pantyhose and nude high heeled pumps. My wife wore a nice brown ankle length dress she had bought a couple of days earlier. I knew it would take a lot of walking to get to Caesars Palace, pick up the tickets, walk to dinner and then to the show so I put a pair of flats in my purse but before we had gotten very far my wife said she would like to wear the flats. I was very willing to let her wear them since I knew that was the wise choice. 

The walk in heels was hard but something of a badge of honor for cross-dressers like myself. I did my best and we passed lots of people that didnt seem to notice I was a guy in a fancy dress. Unfortunately, we were running a little late and walked right past a TON of great photo op locations. 

We met DonnaKelli at dinner and were pleased to see that Stephanie and her friend had joined us as well. Dinner was fun and Nikki was very impressed with Stephanie as well. She later commented to me "It's crazy that a male can look that pretty!"

We all entered the Celine concert among the rest of the well dressed crowd and blended in quite well. The concert was good. I sat next to my wife, of course, and touched her arm a few times. She later said she appreciated that but it was a little weird feeling like she was seeing the concert with a friend and not with her husband. 

After the concert we exited with the crowd and I needed to use the restroom in the casino so my wife and DonnaKelli said they would go as well. For some reason there was a  dense crowd of men near the restroom and I noticed many of them look at me as we wove our way through. At one point a man was walking toward me so I stepped aside to let him pass and it was obvious he thought that ridiculous and he stepped aside to let me pass. I was a little nervous about going into a busy restroom not really knowing what to expect but it wasn't very busy and I went right into a stall. After I was done I checked my look in the mirror and then stood by the door with DonnaKelli while we waited for my wife to finish. As we waited a girl came in and stood by us thinking we were waiting for a stall to open. DonnaKelli told her we just waiting for a friend and she moved ahead to an open stall. Then another girl came in and did the same thing and this time I said the same thing. I don't know if either of them knew we were not authentic females but neither showed any indication. 

We got a text that some of the rest of the girls were meeting for some dancing at the Paris. Our wives decided to call it a night but since the dancing was at my hotel it was easy for me to agree to meet there. We walked the long walk back to the hotel and I was ready to get out of the high-heels so I changed into some skinny jeans, a loose top, and riding boots. 

Dancing at the Paris was a hoot. I met a few local that recognized me from the internet. Diana and Kelly were at the top of their game, dancing and entertaining the people nearby. One particular couple, a man and woman in town celebrating her birthday, kept insisting we dance with them. When the Cupid Shuffle came on and some of the gg ladies saw I knew what I was doing, on of them asked me to lead the way. It was a lot of fun but eventually I had to take Donna back to her hotel and didn't get to bed until 2am. 

It has been 2 weeks since I encountered some of the classiest ladies I have met in a long time.

I will admit it was easy to commit to Heidi a year ago, to come along on one of her "Girls Trips", but as January 18 came closer and closer I began to wonder "What had I gotten myself into?" I felt a little like I was embarking on “Nikki’s Adventure in Genderland” We had tried a getaway before, just the two of us, and it wasn't a great experience and I was so nervous this trip might have similar results. I was so wrong.

I first met the ladies on Thursday night at Gilley's. I wasn't sure what the cast of characters would be like. Then Diana and Kelli arrived and after greeting Heidi, I was introduced and they were both so welcoming and kind. I spent a little time talking to Diana. She shared a little about her life and was so complimentary to me for having come along with Heidi and my willingness to accept this part of his life. Diana enjoyed taking pictures and I was even willing to be in some of them. It was about this time that Bobbi arrived. She struck me as kind of shy. She called Heidi and I over and presented us with these cool meteorites she had found on the desert and proceeded to share all that goes into meteorite hunting. Soon Brandi joined our circle. I thought she might have been someone's spouse and I believed she was a GG. SHOCKER, she wasn't. She was the nicest. She was also open like Diana. Told me about her wife and their relationship. She also applauded my efforts for coming out with Heidi. It was then that I realized our group had increased further with the arrival of Michelle and Grace. They were such an interesting couple, Michelle is a little more boisterous and outspoken while Grace is quiet and delicate. Eventually Donna Kelli and Lynnea arrived. I will admit I was relieved to see Lynnea, not that I was uncomfortable around the other ladies, but I did take comfort in having another spouse to hang with. Some of the girls found the dance floor and danced with each other and other patrons. Heidi soon expressed the need to use the restroom. This had been one of the things I was the most nervous about. Not that I care much which restroom a cross-dresser uses, but how would other people. So here I was making my way to the "Cowgirl's Room" with Heidi and Donna Kelli as backup. Things went smoothly. I have to admit I was proud of myself for having escorted Heidi to the restroom. Upon returning to the table the decision was made for everyone to leave for another club off the strip. It was at the next club that I had the chance to talk with Michelle a little more in depth. She filled me in on her opportunity to be a mentor of sorts for those that are trying to become comfortable with going out in the community. Then she shared with me the opportunity she has had to umpire baseball games and her obvious love of the sport. Due to the loudness in the club, talking and listening was quite hard for me, but I did a lot of people watching. And I think it was in that moment that I realized that this group of ladies was not much different from the group of friends I have that lunch together once a month. We each have a role in our friendship- the party girl, the shy one, the avid selfie taker, the sports fan, the leader of the group. And although I saw many of those same qualities in these ladies, I also saw that they still had a male side- talking about sports, hiking adventures, cars, guns.

Through the weekend, I had opportunities to see these ladies in smaller groups. And if we were in a group of Heidi and her friends’ I was ok, but going out just the two of us I found to be a little harder. I was so self-conscience of the people we pass by. Would they know that Heidi wasn’t an actual girl? Would they think of us as freaks? And it was a little weird to be around my husband, but not have him as my husband. The things I am use to doing, holding his hand as we walk together or rubbing the knap of his neck when we are sitting together I restrained myself. As the weekend continued, I admit I became more and more comfortable walking around with Heidi. A little less self-conscience of the passer byes. Our last afternoon in Vegas, we went out, just the two of us and got lunch before meeting up with Donna Kelli and Lynnea. This was my personal “win” for the weekend. I did not pay attention to the people around us. I just enjoyed my time with Heidi.

Later that night we went to Capo’s for dinner with the ladies I met at Gilleys as well as Stepanie and couple of others. And just as at Gilley’s, each of them welcomed me with open arms. Complimented me on my Mafioso attire. I chose to wear pinstriped pants, a white dress shirt and tie, suspenders and a fedora. I felt so welcome into their exclusive club. Heidi and I sat down at one of the tables and didn’t have a chance to visit with everyone, but at the end of the meal as the ladies were taking photos and saying their goodbyes, I looked around the restaurant and felt a little like Dorothy before she clicks her heels together to return to Kansas. She is saying goodbye to her companions…

"It's gonna be so hard to say goodbye. I love you all too."

She kisses the Tin Woodsman, who sadly remarks as tears threaten to rust his tin: "Now I know I've got a heart, because it's breaking."

She also turns to the Cowardly Lion, kisses him, and remembers his pre-courage fear: "I'm gonna miss the way you used to holler for help before you found your courage." Trying to remain strong, he thanks Dorothy for helping him: "I would never have found it if it hadn't been for you."

She hugs and kisses the Scarecrow and whispers: "I think I'll miss you most of all." She reserves a special place in her heart for him.

Not that I believe that I had any effect on these ladies, I had seen their hearts and courage everyday of this visit. They had acquired that all on their own. If anything, they imparted on me more love and helped me to have to courage to have Pizza with my “Scarecrow” in public. So Thank you to each of the ladies who were my own “Tin (wo)man, Lion(ess), and of course to my Scarcrow for making me feel so at ease and loved during this trip in “Gender-Land”. I hope I will get the opportunity to see you all again .

Several years ago my wife and I went to Vegas for a few days with the idea that we would spend one of those days out as girl friends. For various reasons it did not go well so it surprised me this past summer when she told me she would like to go along with me the next time I went on a girls-trip. 

Despite much anxiety and second thoughts she did not back out but it was clear that she could spend as little or as much time with the "girls" as she felt comfortable. 

It turned out better than either one of us imagined and we are even talking about doing it again some time. 

I'll be posting pictures and details as soon as I can get organized. Thank you all for your support and well wishes. When I first married my wife I felt like I won the lottery and now I feel like I've hit the jackpot again. 

Thursday-Day 1

We got into Vegas before noon and tried to check into the Paris Hotel early but no rooms were available yet. When we had made the plans for the Vegas trip several months ago we had no idea that several large conventions were in town including  gun/ammo, concrete works, and the adult film industry awards; so hotels were pretty full (and expensive).

So we had to kill some time as husband and wife for a few hours. We went to Victoria's Secret and my wife bought something for herself and then we went to a thrift store where she picked out a dress she thought I'd look good in as well as a dress for herself. Then she got a great idea for what she could wear when she would accompany me Saturday night for dinner with all of my tgirl friends. It was a lot of fun for us both finding the right items to complete her outfit. When she came out of the dressing room she looked so cute wearing gray pin-striped slacks, a white button-down shirt, a loose neck tie and black suspenders. 

Back at the Paris hotel we checked in and had only enough time to get made up and dressed to meet the girls at Gilley's for some line dancing and dinner. I was really hesitant to wear the dress I had picked out since I knew most main-stream girls would be wearing jeans and the flare of a swirling skirt would draw everyone's attention but I decided I'd probably regret it if I didnt wear it...after all, I had spent all summer finding the perfect dancing dress.

Since this was my idea, I got there early (about 6:30) to get a table but to my surprise the bar was already packed...with tough looking dudes from the ammo and concrete conventions. Undeterred, my wife and I settled down at a small table near the dance floor. 

Soon other tgirls started showing up, some that I knew well and some that I had never met, until we had about a dozen of us. Some the other patrons seemed to love having us there and chatted and took pictures with us. Some people seemed to be confused trying to figure out which of us were TG and which were authentic females. Others just ignored us. One cute girl who was nearby with her husband kept commenting on how good we all looked and loved how well I danced.

We danced several line dances and my wife and I even did a little swing dancing together. Donnakelli, her wife, and Kelli Perry were particularly good sports at trying the line dances and vowed to find a place at home to dance more. Bobbi, Brandi, Michelle, Grace and Diana danced freestyle, kept the conversations going, took pictures, and entertained those around us.

It was a lot of fun and my wife was very impressed with all of the tgirls. They were very welcoming and really made her feel comfortable. Eventually a live band started to play and although they were good, the songs were not as good for dancing. Someone suggested going to a drag bar so we all left Gilleys and met there. Later I found out that someone had noticed a guy at Gilley's that kept inching closer to our group and as we started to leave he went back to where he had started. 

The drag bar was fun too. There was a mixed crowd of gay, straight, and trans people. Even a newly-wed man and woman. We talked a lot and then the show started. It was quite good and very entertaining although it went on kind of long. Again my wife seemed really impressed and was obviously having a good time. She even tipped a couple of the entertainers.

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