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Button-down shirts

Look like a man's shirt

Hooded tops

makes back/torso look thicker

Shirt tucked in

emphasizes lack of hour-glass figure

Sleeveless bubble top

emphasizes shoulder and arm muscles


sometimes they look ok but frequently they emphasize the wrong shape of the head.

Drop Waist

Shows lack of hips

Turtle-neck, scarves

I listed this also under "flattering" because they can hide the Adam's apple but sometimes can make the neck seem thicker.

Empire Waist

Makes the torso look rectangular


Shows lack of hips

Maxi Skirt

Makes hips look narrow

Halter top

emphasizes broad shoulders

Tank tops

emphasizes broad, muscular shoulders

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Shows off masculine mid section

Gladiator top

I don't know the actual name for this style of sleeveless top but I've had a couple that I thought would look good by covering the shoulders but I wind up looking more like a gladiator.

 Unflattering styles

Mostly through trial and error I have found there are many styles that seem cute but when tried just do not look good.

(Since these are unflattering, I haven't saved many of these photos.)