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When I post pictures in panties or lingerie is when I get the most inquiries. For those photos I do something a lot more technical to hold things tighter and be less conspicuous. First I shave as much hair as possible. Then I take about 24 inches of package tape (no pun intended) and, starting just below my belly button, I wrap it as tightly as possible straight down and then back up the back side and ending on my lower back. I do this 4 or 5 more times with each successive length of tape off center a little more and crossing in an X shape at the bottom being sure to encompass any flesh to the left and right that the first strip didn’t cover. To keep the ends on the lower back attached better I apply a 12 inch length of tape horizontally just below the belt line. The results look like a clear plastic panty that is open on the sides and stuck to your body. The package tape is flexible but does not stretch so it holds things very well. I’ve used duct tape before and it sticks better but leaves residue on the skin and is more visible because it is not clear. There are some medical grade tapes that stick well and are skin colored but they are a little harder to find. The package tape will lose its grip after an hour or so but you can keep it in place longer by completing the horizontal pieces all the way around the waist just below the belt line. What I usually do next is put on the panties or bikini bottoms and trim away any tape that sticks out the edges. Removing the tape isn’t as difficult as you might think. It comes off the skin pretty easily but can be a little harder to remove if you didn’t trim the longer hairs beforehand

I often get questions about tucking. For the most part I just use a girdle-like garment that you find in the “shapers” section of the women’s underwear area of a department store. The ones I use are like a very snug panty that comes up to about the bottom of the rib cage so that it acts to narrow the waist and hold in the tummy in as well. This usually holds the “stuff down there” nice and firmly but still comfortably.