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Lipstick as beard cover and blush.

Slipping out unnoticed.

Makeup Tutorial

At least this is what works for me.

Flattering styles

Styles that help create the illusion and How to Find Ideas

Un-flattering styles

those to avoid or be wary of

Brows and Nails

having them look good in both guy and gal mode

Hip and Butt enhancement

Body Hair

Strategies to look good in both guy and gal mode.


Small details make all the difference


for women's clothes as a guy or enfemm

Putting together an Outfit

Considerations and strategies esp for beginners.



 Not talkin' about tucking in your shirt.


Creating the illusion of Breasts


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         Breast Forms

Simple and inexpensive home-made forms


                     Ear Rings

Converting regular earrings to be clip-ons



Tips on getting the most from your at-home photo ssessions