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What a fun afternoon I had with my friend Lisa. And what is ironic is that it started as a conversation about how each of us had been feeling that we had lost the enthusiasm for dressing lately. We realized that we both had the same availability on the upcoming Friday so we brainstormed some ideas. We talked about getting a pedicure, going to the zoo, riding the commuter train and a few other ideas. Finally, we settled on meeting downtown so that we could walk around the Temple grounds and go to the adjacent mall, both of which make quite picturesque backdrops.

Things didn’t start out very smoothly. After getting the kids off to school I hurriedly did my makeup and got dressed. I suggested Lisa meet me at the large fountain, forgetting just how many fountains are at that mall. I parked in the mall parking garage and summoned the courage to get out of the car. I seem to have to do that every time. I ascended the escalator and waited by the fountain. There were a few people around but no one paid me much attention. I was wearing a long, black cowell-necked sweater, grey skinny jeans, and black riding boots. Before long I realized I had forgotten my camera! Rule #1 of any cross-dressing adventure is to bring a camera. Ugh!

After a few text messages I realized that Lisa was waiting by the fountain on the opposite side of the mall, so I went inside and walked through to the other end. The mall was kind of busy but I passed right by people fearlessly. Most people didn’t even look at me and those that did just glanced and looked away. Normally, I try not to make eye contact so that I don’t lose my nerve but this time I tried to look at people to see their reaction. It was interesting how many women looked at my boots as I passed.

I finally met Lisa just as a crowd of young teens were getting off a bus and entering the mall on some kind of school trip. A man held the door open for me as I exited to the fountain where she was and I thanked him. Lisa and I crossed the street and went onto the temple grounds. There were lots of men in suits and a few women in dresses walking around and a couple getting wedding photos taken but because it was kind of breezy and chilly not many were lingering. Just as I had forgotten to bring a camera, Lisa had forgotten to bring a crucial piece to her camera and we were forced to use our cell phones to take photos. We took a few photos including trying to do the silly “duck face” kissy lips pose that is popular.

We found a few nice spots for photos and then, seemingly out of nowhere, one of the professional photographers offered to use Lisa’s cell phone to get a photo of the two of us together. Next we went over to the temple where a crowd was gathered in celebration of weddings. There were lots of well dressed women there and walking about making me wish I had dressed up a little more. We took a few more photos and then looped back toward the mall.

To be continued…

Downtown with Lisa    2016

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