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I thought I would share a experience I had Dec. 16th this month. This is something I suppose could be a nightmare for many of you. The reason for telling you this story is not to boost about it or to brag about it. But to make you aware this could happen to any of you and you need to know what to do if any of you experience it. I have no doubt some of you may have already had this happen to you. But I wanted to share this with some of you that has never had this happen to you.

I went out and took my hair Stylist out for a Christmas Dinner as a thank you for always doing such a great job on my wigs. It was around 1130pm and I was taking her back to her Shop. When I was getting on another freeway and merging to the right lane to enter the Freeway, I ended up swiping the back bumper of a Mazda SUV. I was driving my Corvette and fortunately I didn't experience any damage to my car. Anyway this was the first time I have ever had a accident as Diana. When we both pulled over, I asked her if she was okay and she said she was fine and said she had called the Highway Patrol. I was pretty nervous about this but I was calm and just waited for the highway patrol.

When the CHP came, I gave them my license , my registration and proof insurance. At this time, they weren't aware I was a transgender girl and I just didn't say anything. I just kept quiet and I figured they would figure that out once they saw my license. They never did questioned me about my gender. They just asked me to describe what happen and so I did. They did ask me if I had anything to drink and I told them I had one glass of wine which I did. The officer did give me a test me to see if I was drinking and asked me to follow his finger. I didn't have problem and then he said they might ask me to take a breathalyzer test and I didn't say anything . I just kept quiet. He came back and gave back my documents and gave me a card with information on how to get a copy of the collision report which would state who's fault it was and that was it and then I went on my way. While this was all going on, there was a total of 4 highway patrol officers present. That made me a little nervous but none of them said anything to me except the one that was taking report. Maybe they were just observing what was going on as protection to their fellow officer or was just curious and had never seen a Transgender girl in a accident before. All went well except for two factors. None of my family are aware of the other part of me as a girl and I was very concerned because of the Collison report that I would be found out.

I emailed a friend and gave her the whole story since she was a retire law enforcement officer to get some info from her on how all this goes. I also called another friend who is a insurance agent and told her what happened. They both stated that officers are not allowed to say anything about your gender if you are dressed as a girl in a report unless it was one of the factors that caused the accident which this wasn't the case in my accident. I was still a little panicky about all this since I had never experienced a accident as a girl every before. When I did receive a copy of the report, there was nothing said about me being dressed as a girl or even had any indication that my friend Laura was in the car. I was very relieved to have a positive ending to this incident. That said, I doubt my wife would have ever seen the report but I was concerned also about what my insurance agent would have said if these factors were in the Collison report.

So my point to you all: Don't drink or drive! Or if you ever experience a accident while you are your femm self. Don't mouth off or say much to them. Just do everything they tell you do. These officers were all polite to me and very respectable. They conducted themselves very professionally and was just doing their job. When the officer handed back my license, Insurance card, and registration, he said thank you ma'am.

Also when you are out and about , please drive more cautiously than you would as a guy. Just be polite to the officers and don't panic. Just keep calm.


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Last year I did a tour of our Southern California dessert. It was my first time being en femme for several days, even checking into hotel in Palm Springs en femme. I handed my (male) ID to the desk clerk with my heart in my mouth. But she simply looked at the ID and at and then at face which had just been professionally made up- lipstick, eyeshadow blush etc., but just gave me my key and showed no reaction. But checking out she was again at the desk and gushed at how beautiful I looked.

Well I drove away, still en femme to the northern dessert and spent several days in Nevada near Death Valley park. Coming back at night from a day and evening touring and having a great time as a wild lady in that wild place, approaching my room I had the moment we all dread. Red lights began to flash behind me. I pulled to the side with my heart pounding and thinking it was horrible end to a glorious trip. The seemingly tough redneck cop walks up and tells me he had pulled me over because I went through a stop sign and asked for me license. I handed it to him and told him I was trans, before he had to ask me. His response: "That's ok. I have no problem with that. This is America. We can dress anyway we want. He was obviously enjoying it and asked me a few questions about when I "made the change" and so on and I answered honestly and politely. He was the nicest fellow you could meet! Then without any explanation he simply handed me back my license and walked away. Far from source of disaster, being trans saved me from a fat ticket. When you hear that truth I is stranger than fiction, believe it!


First of all let me set the time and conditions when my “other me” began to emerge. From the very beginning I never wanted to have SRS and actually become a female. This is as true today as it was then. It was long before smart phones, the internet, and even television. It also took place during the Second World War. (Yes, that's how old I am.) Living conditions were tight as everyone was still recovering from the Great Depression. As a result, we had a very crowded house and I was forced to sleep in my grandparents' bedroom. It was a very loving household and everyone contributed to make everything work.

With all that in mind, my very earliest childhood memories are of watching my grandmother getting dressed in the morning. Most of what I write here occurred long ago, so the detail into which I go may be influenced by what I imagine must have happened. I never saw her naked, as she always appeared with her “foundation” garments on while she continued to get dressed for the day. As I recall, I was intrigued as she rolled her hose carefully up each leg and fastened them to the garters which hung from her corset. A full slip usually went on followed by a pullover dress of some kind. A housedress if she planned to work around the house, or something nicer if she was going “down town.” Next she sat down at her vanity and applied her makeup. This was particularly interesting to me as the fragrance of the talcum powder, nail polish and her perfume wafted across the room and was very pleasant. (Something I would pursue later.) Lastly, she slipped into her heels as, during this period, every woman wore heels, a dress and hose every day.

Although we all lived in a crowded home, everyone except my grandmother and I went to work fairly early each morning. This left me to my own devices, especially if grandmother was doing the laundry. This task, in those days, was arduous and time consuming and offered me a chance to investigate some of the feminine things I witnessed almost every day. I know I opened some of the drawers and felt some of the items inside. I remember that I was afraid of being discovered, but I wanted to at least open her lipstick tube and apply a little to my lips. And I did...! I quickly untwisted the tube and put the cap back on. I went into the bathroom and shut the door. I looked into the mirror and saw a pathetic image with a red mouth staring back at me. I grabbed some toilet paper and wiped the mess from my lips. Not a very successful first experience.

I soon started school and my “play time” was practically nil. That was ok as there was plenty to do at school and after school. Things kind of stagnated until I was eight when my father re-married and we all moved into an apartment nearby. My new “mother” was very nice and we all got along very well. When she moved in with my father and I, she naturally brought her bedroom set and all her clothing. Space being at a premium, she put most of her things in a spare bedroom, which unknown to me at the time, would soon be my room. I inherited her bed, one chest of drawers and part of the only closet. Her vanity had lots of makeup items on it as well as perfume, dusting powder, etc. Inside the drawers were many underwear items; things I couldn't wait to explore. The closet had quite a few dresses, blouses and skirts. On the floor were many shoes, many of which were high heels of every description. Throughout the room there was a subtle aroma of perfume. I didn't know if I should be offended by all the girly things because, after all, I was a boy...! I quickly put that thought aside as I was anticipating becoming more acquainted with everything I had seen. Finally the ideal occasion was at hand. My mother left me at home and went to visit her mother and would be gone most of the day. After I was sure she was gone, I went to my room to explore to my hearts content. The first thing I did was put on a bra and some panties. I was so excited that my hands were shaking. The feeling of the panties rubbing against my “maleness” is indescribable. I stuffed some tissue in the bra cups which gave me a nice bust line. Next came a garter belt and hose. I remembered watching my grandmother put hers on so I tried to emulate how she carefully rolled them up her legs and fastened them to the garters. It took me a little while to get the hang of how to do it properly, especially the ones in back, but I finally succeeded. Again, the feeling of the nylon material on my legs was wonderful and very exciting. A white silk full slip was next and then finding a suitable dress became the next decision. Or maybe a blouse and skirt...? So many decisions; how does a girl choose? I finally picked out a sleeveless dress (I think it was referred to as a jumper.) It was royal blue and came to just below my knees. It seemed like there was something missing so I chose a white blouse from the closet and put it on under the jumper. Next I picked out a wide black belt and chose some black open toe pumps. Now it was time for some makeup and accessories. I went over to the vanity and sat in front of the mirror. A little powder to cover the shiny spots on my face. Then some blush on the cheeks (it was rouge then) a little mascara and then lipstick. This time a little better result than the first time I tried. I found a bracelet and a ring and went to check my image in the full length mirror. I remember thinking that I didn't look too bad. I wish I had a wig, but I hadn't seen one in my mother's belongings. It was a little difficult walking over to the mirror in the high heels, but I could practice that. The sound of my heels on the hardwood floors was exciting, but I would have to be careful not to twist my ankle and possibly break a heel. (Or my ankle.) Obviously a lot of practice would be in order.

Everything I have described so far occurred when I was too young to have known what an orgasm was let alone have experienced one. That would come in a couple of years, and open new horizons for me...! On that memorable day I was in my room anxiously anticipating getting “dressed” in, what I now referred to as my clothes. I selected a pair of pink panties; panties were always first. Next came a matching bra. While putting on the bra, my movement must have created some friction between the panties and my penis as I was in the process of getting an erection. It felt so good I applied a little additional friction with my hand. Suddenly, without any warning, I had my first orgasm...! My knees were weak and I was trebling all over.

I also had a “situation” as my panties had a prominent wet spot in front. How would I clean up my mess without mom knowing? Maybe if I hid them she wouldn't miss them!?! And if I hid them under my mattress I could put them on after I went to bed. That thought painted all kinds of fantasies in my mind. I did just that and enjoyed many enjoyable “bedtimes” thereafter.

Inevitably, the exposure to “discovery” caught up with me. One Saturday my mom and dad left to visit some relatives and I begged off siting some sports activity or another. After they left, I hurried to my room to do my “dressup” thing. I should have waited a little longer...!

I suddenly heard the front door open and the unmistakable sound of my father's footsteps on the

stairs. I had no time to undress and nowhere to hide. I hadn't even had time to shut the bedroom door and he walked right in. I'm sure that my brain “froze” and I can't even remember what he said, but I know I mumbled something about just wanting to see “what it felt like.” To this day I have no idea why he came back, but that event triggered another first. I vowed that I would never ever even touch anything feminine again. Thus the first of many so called “purges.”



I am the only boy with 5 sisters, 3 older by 2, 3 & 4 years, with a set of twins about a year and a half younger than me. So you can imagine that there is No Way, No How I was Not going to end up in girl's clothes somehow.

I played "Barbies" with them and just a few times dressed. "Fashion Show" and "School". I was the female student to my next older sister El who dressed as an adult woman.

I tried on one of the twins white cardigans at 5. That I remember vividly. Surprised I wasn't caught walking from their room down the hallway to the bathroom where there was a full length mirror on back. (vain I know)

I was dressed as a girl by my 2nd oldest sis Joan at age 7 in the 2nd grade for Halloween at school. Fun trick-or-treating with my sisters that way. At age 11 in the 5th grade for Halloween, El wanted to wear my football uniform and have me wear her cheerleader outfit. Of course she did not know that I already knew what I looked like in it ;-)

So you can see where how this lead up to that fateful day.

Our Mom worked the 2nd shift as a nurse so she could see us kids off to school after breakfast. At age 12 I had a half day for school. I took my time getting home. I checked the garage and her car was gone. "Good!"

I immediately went to my room and stripped down to gym shorts and went Joan's room. I could change into her clothes in the dark by the number of times I've been in there. I locked the door behind me and put on one of her nylon bikini cut pantys. Picked a bra and clasped it behind my back like any other girl does. Stuffed it with my "special boob" socks. Very soft white cotton knit socks that I rolled a certain way to get the look I wanted while wearing a bra. A pair of her pantyhose I slid up my legs, how sleek they looked I thought. I took a white cotton knit knee length skirt from her closet. Same deal to zip and button it behind my back. Next were her wedge sandals which I had to take in a few holes on the straps to stay on my feet when I walked in them. I looked at my reflection in her dresser mirror, I was finally taking shape.

Her was room was carpeted as was the hallway of our 2 story 4 bedroom house. El and the twins room was just a bare wood floor. I know what the sound of them walking around was like from the family room below. What a pink fog I was in as I opened the door and walked in El's room that fine warm May day. That was my undoing.

I had this planed as I wanted to see what El's new black 3/4 length sleeve sweater would look like on me paired up with Joan's white skirt. Quite the fashionista at a young age I guess :-) I walked across the wood floor in the heels to her closet where her sweater was hanging. I pulled out her sweater with trembling hands, turned around to her dresser mirror and held it up to me. That's when I heard a voice I immediately recognized. "What are doing?!" Her room was on the back of the house which had a small roof over the patio. El was sticking halfway thru the opened window. In my pink fog I didn't even see the open window. Somebody was cutting school that afternoon. Just my luck! I don't know who's eyes were bigger? Mine or hers? Seemed like an eternity of us looking at each other. My heart was RACING! My face was burning beet red! This wasn't October where I could use the lame excuse of "practicing for Halloween". "Why are you dressed up in Joanie's clothes with my sweater in your hands?" she said. What could I do? Run? How fast in a skirt and heels? To where dressed that way? With a dry cracked voice I told her I wanted to see what her beautiful sweater looked like paired up with Joanie's white skirt.

My honesty stunned her along with the way I was dressed. Doesn't every 12 year old boy want to be caught wearing a stuffed bra, skirt, pantyhose and heels? "Are wearing our clothes to get your rocks off?" I never heard this saying before and I was physically and sexually a late bloomer. No bird & the bees talk either. She was completely in the room by now. She made that motion with her hand in front of her that all teenage boys know. I was clueless as to that. I never talked with the other kids in the neighborhood about that subject. She could tell by the look on my face I had no idea what she meant. She just laughed and said I will. "Well since you've gone this far, you might as well put it on" "It's not like I haven't seen you in our clothes before" she said with a wink. Wow! I couldn't believe she just said this. I was not going to refuse this moment for me. I took her sweater off the hanger and with trembling hands of a boy just caught wearing girl's clothes, I slid my arms thru the sleeves and pulled down the SOFT thin cotton knit over my bra encased body. I pulled the hem down even and smoothed out the sweater over my stuffed bra boobs. El laughed and said I did that like any other girl. My face was still burning. "You're right in matching this black sweater up with a white skirt" "Don't you want to go shopping with me so I can get my own white skirt?" "Not liked this!" I piped up! We both laughed at this.

To this day Heidi, we both still laugh at the time my next older sister discovered her brother liked to wear girl's clothes. El never said a word to anybody because she was ditching school and smoking a cig on that small roof. BIG No No's at our house.


It was just that at age 7 and my 2nd oldest sis Joan had the idea to dress me up as a girl for Halloween. Of course I probably agreed to eagerly. My older sisters were in drama class/children's theater, so they had a simple (read cheap) black shoulder length wavy wig. They were goofing around with it one night and I heard the laughter and saw what they were doing. My oldest sis Mary put it on me to enjoy their brother wearing that wig. Thus the idea of me wearing it on Halloween was born.

Leading up to Halloween, Joan grab a some of El's things. A short sleeve red thick cotton thigh length sweater dress. I loved that dress on El. Childhood crossdressing envy perhaps Heidi? White tights, slip and her black patent single strap shoes. Joan gave me the cotton tights to put on in my room. No different then putting extra long socks on, almost. I came back into her room and asked why I couldn't wear girl underwear too? She just laughed. I sat on the edge of the bed as she slid the shoes on. Too loose. Needed to put a pair of socks on to help take up the space. Well I wasn't going to be running in them anyways. The delicate nylon slip was slipped over my head and Joan pulled it down and smoothed it out. I asked about a bra. She told me I was too young to wear a bra. I must of have had a slight disappointing look on my face at that. Next was the red sweater dress. It was very cool to my 7 year old mind (and body) to be wearing all that :-) Joan admired the results of our transformation.

I wore that outfit for maybe a half hour. She told me I was their "unknown sister" Haha I laughed at that. So for Halloween I had the outfit in my room ready to go. Including a pair of El's white cotton panty which I snuck out before. No one was going to be looking in the tights I was to be wearing if I had my boy underwear on ;-) I put everything on after breakfast and went into the room that Joan and Mary shared. They had big smiles on their faces. So some simple red lipstick, mascara and blue (UGH) eye shadow before the now brushed out wig. Off too school I walked with my sisters in their costumes. Of course our Mom had a big laugh at her new "unknown daughter". School was uneventful that day. A parade was held after lunch in the school gym. I hung around the twins the whole time. Of course El and Joan would come up behind me to pinch my butt. (Sisters! Right Heidi?) What they didn't know that was I snuck one of Mary's bras beforehand. At home I took off the dress to put on the bra, backwards then spun around over the slip. How was I to know that the bra should of been worn under the slip? The things a young crossdresser must learn :-) Some socks to fill out the bra. Dress and wig back on and the twins and I went trick-or-treating that day. Well Heidi you can guess who was waiting for us to get back home only to see their brother with boobs filling out the dress? The 1st of some interesting Halloweens for sure.

Andrea k.

Contributors' stories about getting caught in interesting situations...

“Early when I was still becoming proficient, at being out in everyday public settings, I was very happy with my clothes, my hair and my gestures. Taking hints from the internet, I felt my make up was just okay, and I was just getting started working on my femme voice. So one evening I decided to go see a movie en femme. When I got to the theater box office, I said “Julia” (for “Julia and Me”) in a convincing enough voice, and gestured “one” with my finger. The teen ticketing person, gave me an odd look, turned around, opened the door and said something to a teen girl working there too, that dashed off into the lobby. When I walked into the theater, the (teen) ticket taker giggled. The (teen) clerks behind the concession counter were all staring at me; I was pretty rattled by this. When I finally got seated, and the movie started I was so relieved. But partway into the movie, a (teen) usher came in with a flashlight and was looking for something on the floor. When he spotted me, he left, but returned with others (teens) that stood along the wall alongside my row, peering in the dark at me. I tried to melt into the seat. Luckily, they left before the movie ended, and when it did end, I walked out the door that led right outside, very relieved. I figured out it was most likely my makeup that gave me away, since the ticket taker only saw my upper body. So, I arranged for a makeup lesson at a transformation shop, where the owner knew how to deal with beard shadow, thick eyebrows, etc. Then I practiced for the next month putting my make up on as often as possible until it felt like a “routine”. I’ve never had a similar bad experience since – it's one of the best investments I made. Then subsequently developing my femme voice completed what I felt I needed to be confident in everyday settings.”


One evening I got dressed up, and some TG ladies that I had met suggested that we go to a club. We had a great time and met some of the ladies who were associated with Girl Talk Magazine at that time. I had my usual one mixed drink. And talked and danced. Eventually, it was time to go and I went back to my car and started to drive off. After no more than one block, the flashing red lights came on from behind!

I think that I had two heart attacks one after the other! Me in a long blond wig, slightly shear clubbing dress and a rental car! OMG! I pulled over and one of the officers in the car came up to my window and I had at least two functioning brain cells so I had my driver's license and car rental contract out. Although my arms felt paralyzed at the time and I was hyperventilating, I clearly remember him looking at me and then my license and then very quickly, his head snapped back to me with a very startled look and a slight gasp. And then he went back to his car and I waited and waited for hours it seemed while he looked me up in the computer.

Then both he and his younger partner both got out of the car. The younger guy seemed to be enjoying things a little too much, as he ordered me to get out of my car, spit out my gum, and go over to the sidewalk. I really didn't want to litter so I looked for a place to put the gum, and he said, "Get rid of the gum, NOW" Yes Sir!!! And somehow, I walked over to the curb, walked a straight line, and didn't fall over in my 3+ inch heels on the very rough sidewalk. And I learned the fine points of doing a breathalyzer test.”

Fortunately, I passed and the senior officer followed me back to my car and said some soothing things and, "Sorry to bother you Miss, but you started up a little fast from that last stop sign. Please drive carefully." And after he left and my heart rate dropped below about 150, I drove back to my hotel and screamed!!! What an experience!

Gina Lee

This happened a while ago, my spouse was visiting our daughter stationed in Germany and I had a week to be Kris. I went out one night no where in particular wearing a white linen skirt and a black top with black high heel sandals. As I pulled into a gas station (in my spouse's SUV) i cut the corner to tight hit the curb and blew out a tire. I pulled into the parking lot and reviewed the damage. The sidewall was completely ripped, and i looked down at myself and said there is no way I can change this tire in a white skirt. I was about 3 miles from home looked at my high heel sandals and realized there was also no way for me to walk home without some intense pain. So I faced the moment of truth and called AAA. While I awaited my fate with the AAA guy, several lovely gentleman stopped to ask if they could render assistance, which I politely declined explaining AAA was on the way. So the AAA guy shows up, I give him my card with my male name and he promptly and professionally changes the tire. As I am signing the paperwork, he shyly asks if he can ask a question. I thought ok here is comes I have to explain why I am dressed as I am. He was so polite i agreed to the request. To my astonishment he asked me if i had a partner. I told him yes I was married. He looked up at me and said "Shucks"..I was stunned. I gave him a generous tip and thanked him for his help. I was elated and also a bit scared of the prospect, in retrospect more elated than scared.


My cross dressing progressed from curiosity about women’s clothing, to looking, to touching, to trying a few things on, and by the time I was 14 I was dressing fully whenever I could. When I was about 13 my mother almost caught me once putting her stockings back in her drawer and while I think I got away with it, I was never 100% sure. However, at age 14 I experienced the closest call I’ve have ever had.

One afternoon after school I raced home quickly because I wanted to dress and figured I had a couple of hours before anyone got home. On this day I was planning on wearing my sister’s clothes. She is three years older than me and was very attractive at the time. And a great dresser! Unfortunately we have never had a very good relationship. She was always mean spirited and we simply didn’t get along.

On that day I had slipped on my panties (a pair that I had lifted out of the laundry that my mom never missed), and sister’s pantyhose, high heeled platforms, a short skirt, bra and blouse. I was doing my usual routine of posing in front of the mirrors in our upstairs bedrooms - flirting, trying to be sexy, and thoroughly enjoying myself. At 14 I was definitely passable. Then I heard the front door open. My sister was home!

Yes, the classic, home early, ‘getting caught’ scenario!

I moved quickly...out of my parent’s bedroom, across the hall and into my room. A quick swing of the door and it slammed hard making a loud noise. “Damnit!”

My sister called out my name. I can hear it like it was yesterday. What to do? But before I could answer she shouted “What are you doing”? I open my door, “Nothing”, I shout back.

“Oh yea?” And then I hear her walking through the downstairs hall and up the stairs. I close my door. My heart is pounding. I’m dressed completely as a girl, in my sister’s clothes and she wants to know what I’m doing!!

I hear her coming up the stairs. She says...”I know what you’re doing!”

My mind is racing. Does she? What does she think I’m doing? How would she know? Has she suspected something? Seen something out of place?

She’s now in the upstairs hallway. I can hear her getting close to my door, which has no lock. Shit! She’s going to walk in!! She’s going to walk in and see her brother completely dressed as a girl! I run to the door, nearly falling out of my heels. I see the door handle turning and I grab it and push.

“Get out!” I yell.

She pushes hard. “Let me in, you little prick!”

“Get lost, you bitch!” I shouted back, pressing press hard on the door leveraging all my weight against it.

We fought back and forth on either side of the door. I felt like I was fighting for my life. If she sees me she’ll tell everyone. There won’t be any special secrets between her and I. No creating any kind of ‘special bond forever’ or anything like that. Not even any blackmail. Her greatest thrill would be to tell the world. She’d actually pay anything to be able to do that to me.

And I’ll have no excuse. No reasons why I’m doing this other than I love, and need, to dress like a girl. No convincing her it’s just a little game. My parents will know, my relatives will know, my friends will know. My life will change forever.

We continued to fight back and forth, both pushing the door. I began to feel I was getting the upper hand and then she just stopped.

“Asshole!” she shouted, and headed back downstairs.

My heart was racing. I peeled of the clothes and threw them under the bed. What if she goes into her room and sees her sexiest high heeled platforms missing? How do I get the clothes back in her room?

I put on my clothes and headed downstairs. I walked into the hallway to find her putting her coat on and looking at me with disdain. She says, “I’m going out. Tell mom and dad I’ll be late.”

I raced upstairs. Shaking, I grabbed the clothes and put everything away. Pumping with adrenaline, I was relieved. I was thrilled. But what a rush!

To this day I still can’t imagine what would have happened if she had actually seen me. And I never figured out what, if anything, she suspected. As you might guess, it didn’t stop me... only made me more careful. But not careful enough to avoid nearly getting caught since then...


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I never got caught myself, in person, that I know of, but I remember when I was a preteen and early teen pretending to be sick so I could stay home to dress up too. I almost got caught a couple of times when my mom came home from work early for lunch, but I dashed into my room and quickly changed clothes. I know she wondered why I was out of breath and seemed a little flustered when she came to check on me. I thought she might have seen me once through the large living room window as I ran across the house when I heard her car door shut, and I saw her in the yard heading to the door. I also once went to let our dog out, and the dog turned and ran back in knocking the door wide open leaving me standing in the doorway in a dress and pantyhose open to the world. Fortunately, I don't think any of the neighbors saw me.


I was at a club in Pasadena with my girl friends all dressed to the nines – short black leather mini skirt, nude stockings, 5” stilettos, tight black sleeveless top (it was summer) and my longest auburn hair. Dancing, drinking lightly, laughing, enjoying being a girl.

Several fellows were asking me to dance or buying drinks for myself and my girl friends… All in all, a great night… so far.

Someone asks me to dance with him and I agree and we are off on the dance floor dancing to some old rock and roll song… as soon as the music turned to a ballad we began to close dance. That’s when my dancing partner was tapped on the shoulder and the fellows asked him if he could cut in because we were “old friends.”

I looked at this new fellow and my heart stopped. My body froze as he took me into his arms. He pulled me close. We danced or swayed to the music. He said nothing. But, I was in sheer terror. THIS WAS MY CURRENT BOSS AT THE TIME!

The music stopped and he led me to the bar and ordered me a champagne. He looked into my eyes and quietly said, “You are so beautiful. I do not know where you have been all my life but I want you now.”

I was speechless. We drank and I continued to be dumbfounded and said nothing. He chatted all about himself – what he did for a living and what he loves about me and I realized he maybe did not know who I was.

We finished our drinks and then he took my hand and wrapped his arm around my waist as he led me out of the club to his car. I still said nothing… He opened the door for me and then got in on his side. We sat in mute silence for what seemed like forever.

He turned to me and kissed me deeply. As his tongue was seeking entrance to my mouth his hand was seeking entrance to my crotch! I broke apart from him and said in my most female voice possible “NO!!”

He grabbed the back of my head and tried to force it down on his crotch… I refused… and the lot security guard tapped on the window with his flashlight… I opened my door and fled back to my girlfriends.

They assured me that he did not know who I was… after all he was in a gay / lesbian / Transgendered Bar. So even if he did, would he tell anyone?

Next day at work, I saw him and he said nothing about it to me and continued to treat me normally. After several hours I asked him what he did last night ( we were alone) and he said “watched a football game and went to bed.”

Wow! That was ridiculously close call!!!

Now it is 20 years later and he hires me again and tells me that I am the reason he is married! That he saw how in love with my wife I am and it was and has always been something of deep meaning to him.

So on our job together we end up in Honk Kong and he takes me and several of our co-workers to Macao for the weekend – his treat. (He’s very weathly now). He buys us all hookers* (which is another story) but the one for himself is a CD… the next day he claimed that he did not know. But was surprised and kicked her out. We all knew she was… and all our rooms were on the same floor – we owned the entire floor – and I saw her leaving at 10am the next morning.

At Brunch we all talked about transgendered and he gave no indication that he knew it was me all those years ago. And as we got into the Hydrofoil boat that was taking us back to Hong Kong he grabs my hand and says, “All last night I was dreaming about a girl I met in Pasadena 20 years ago!!!

*(Just so you know, I sent my hooker home before we got to the elevator – she cried and I told her to consider it a paid vacation – but that’s another story).

Tawni Bonds

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