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Spring Day With Lisa

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I got a text from Lisa asking if I would be available to have a girls' day now that the spring weather had finally arrived. I told her that I would love to but the kids were moving home from college this week so there wasn't any chance I could have any local girl time. After a little more discussion I decided to figure something out and meet her any ways. It had been a long time since I had transformed in my car and the results are usually disappointing but I decided that would be the only way. I considered getting made up at home and then slipping out in "stealth" mode since the kids usually sleep-in but by 7:30 two of the kids were already up and about so luckily I hadn't put any makeup on. I had put on my bra without the forms, the girdle including hip and butt pads and a sundress. Over that I had on my baggy hiking clothes. I marched down the stairs with a big bag of my "gear" and quickly said "see you guys later" to the kids. 

Before long I was at a local church that has beautiful grounds and flowerbeds. I found an out of the way spot in the parking lot and started to put on my makeup. The lighting was terrible so I had to find anther spot in the lot. It was better but I still felt like I was applying on memory rather than what I was seeing. 

Once I decided I was acceptably made up I texted Lisa and she said she was about 10 minutes away so I got out and took a few pictures among the beautiful landscaping. 

Soon Lisa arrived. She looked gorgeous as always. (my wife had looked at some of my posts recently and was impressed with how passable Lisa is). Lisa was excited at the opportunity to wear a new spring dress and the lighting was really good for taking pictures among the tulips and spring flowers. 

As we posed and took photos more and more people were arriving to enter the building.  At one point I was posing on a bench and a few women walked by and one commented, "You look beautiful". She seemed quite genuine and none of them seemed to realize things were not as they seemed. 

Emboldened, we found a few more places around the building to take photos and as people walked by I'm guessing some of them read us by the exaggerated polite smiles but that might have been because we were carrying around a camera on a tripod. 

After deciding we had taken enough pictures we agreed to meet at a new department store that had opened recently.

Part 2

Before leaving I decided to dress down my outfit for some shopping. I changed into flat sandals and swapped out the nice sweater for a jean jacket. And I changed into my long blond wig. Interestingly the parking lot was filling up and as I was changing a man parked immediately to my left and a woman parked immediately to my right. I don't think either even noticed I was in my car as they each quickly exited and walked to the building. 

I met Lisa at the store and we went in. It was a big clean store and we practically had the place to ourselves. After looking over the shoes and being mostly underwhelmed, we started looking over the panties and bras. We talked about our families as well as shared dressing tips. Lisa commented how nice it was to be out with a girlfriend who wasn't afraid to use her voice in public as that is a big concern for most crossdressers. When two cis-women go out together they are almost constantly chatting. 

We discussed how it is difficult to know when and if we were read at the church earlier and concluded that as long as we dress the part and act the part then people generally will treat us well whether they suspect we are actually men in dresses or are totally oblivious.  

I was glad when Lisa said she had to use the restroom because I needed to as well so we both went into the ladies room. Of course it was deserted so we took an extra minute to get a couple pictures in there too.

After looking over the dresses we decided to try some on. There was no attendant at the dressing room so we went right in. I had brought in a wonderful pink gown that was way out of my price range but seemed fun to try on. I got it on but couldn't get it zipped up so I asked Lisa to zip it. I went to her stall and she opened the door enough to reach through but unfortunately the dress was just too small.

I tried on another dress I had brought in and about that same time Lisa had on a cute little red dress. We each popped out of our stalls hoping to find a 3-way mirror but without one simply admired each other's presentations. After ducking back into the stalls a couple of women entered and took up a couple of dressing rooms. That kind of put an end to our commenting to each other since neither of us have voices so passable to be used without the benefit of the visual enhancements. 

Finally, we decided it was time for Lisa to go to work and for me to go spend time with my family. The cashier was really sweet and I engaged her in a little conversation as she rang up my purchases: a dress, a blouse, and a bra. Lisa was thoughtful enough to take a video of the end of the sale and inadvertently caught the lady next in line trying to get a better look at me. (see photo) We said our goodbyes in the parking lot and discussed meeting again soon. 

Of course, before returning home I had to find a quiet spot to pull out the makeup wipes, guy clothes, and transform back to my male self. When I got home I lugged my duffel bags of girl clothes back into the house and only got a casual inquiry from my daughter about why I was dressed in baggy "camping" clothes. Luckily I noticed I was still wearing my ladies' watch before she did!

I was excited when my wife asked if I had a fun time with Lisa and only slightly disappointed when she didn't ask to see any pictures. Later she asked for more details about our morning and at some point when she's feeling up to it she'll see the pictures.