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I love the looks with scarves. I don't know why I rately think to add one to an outfit though. 

This  casual top fits better than I expected and the sparkely top has soooo many possibilities!!!!! 

My wife gave me this peach blouse when when she was doing a little spring de-cluttering. I usually don't think I look good in button-down tops but this one is a keeper!

This dress isn't new but I'm still trying to see how to wear it best. I think it's one of the few items I have that can show a little cleavage. I have a little cardigan sweater that looks nice over it as well but I wish my arms looked nice enough that I wasnt self-conscious about them.

The lace dress I got at Ross while shopping (in drab) with my wife. I held it outside the waiting room while my wife tried on a few things. I chatted a little with another man who was waiting for his wife. When my wife was done I carried the lace dress into the men's dressing room to try on. What a double-take the other man did as he looked down at what I was bringing in!

Creating a few new looks with the items I've collected over the past couple of months

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