Girl Day,

Shooting a video shoe shopping and more

A few weeks earlier I had been at a shoe store in guy-mode with my wife and she agreed to make a couple video clips of me to be used in a future video. Then a few days ago we noticed I had a day off and she has appointments all day and I said maybe I'd go finish that video. She smiled and rolled her eyes a little so when the day came I was pleasantly surprised when she said "Have fun shoe shopping" as she headed out. 

Having the whole day to myself I took my time getting ready. I chose to wear a black long sleeve cold shoulder tunic style top, skinny jeans and black ankle boots.  I headed out in stealth mode as I usually do then put my wig and earrings back on at a parking lot a few miles from home.

To tell the story in the video I needed footage walking from the car to the store. It took a few takes and if anyone was watching I'm sure it looked strange to see me walk from my car half-way to the store and back 3 times!

As I entered the store the cashier barked her greeting as they often do and I pleasantly smiled and waved a small acknowledgement. The store wasn't very busy so I went to the high heels and started looking. I set up my camera and made a few short clips of myself trying on heels. At one point a sales clerk came by and asked if I was doing ok and I said Yes Thanks and she moved along restocking items. Later a shopper came and browsed right near me and seemed to not even notice that I was man in women's clothing. I think the sales people probably read me right away since they probably see it often and are more atuned to crossdressers. I tried a pair of black strappy heels on that I loved and were impressively comfortable but were way over my budget. 

I moved to another section of the store and browsed near a mother and adult-daughter also browsing. I set up the camera in an inconspicuous place and took a few more video clips as I tried on more shoes, hoping the mother and daughter would come into the shot and capture any reaction they might have but the wandered in the other direction.

I found a pair of shoes I liked but was still having a good time so I tried on a pair of high heel over-the-knee boots that I loved but were also too expensive for me. Finally, I decided to pay. As I walked up to the register area a young lady also joined the line in front of me. She gave me a polite smile. As she waited she looked at the impulse items and gave a couple of quick looks at me. But she didn't look at my face...she apparently was checking out my outfit.    

When it came to interact with the cashier I tried to call up a feminine voice and it didnt come out very well. She was professional and polite but obviously knew from the beginning that I was a guy in a wig. I wasn't expecting anything less but it would be an accomplishment if I could pass more often. I actually think that being read is not a bad thing as long as I can present myself in a stylish and classy way. That way people may become more comfortable with males whole like to embrace their female side.

After leaving I shot a short clip returning to the car but I wasn't ready to go home. I noticed a cosmetics store in the same shopping mall and once again walked from the car....

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Part 2

I confidently walked into the beauty store and waved to the friendly cashier as I was once again was immediately greeted. Within seconds another friendly sales girl greeted me in the aisle and asked if I needed any help. I was looking for the stick on nail veneer appliques  but stupidly couldn't think of what they were called so I asked for the nail stickers. Eventually, she figured out what I wanted and showed them to me. Again I'm sure I did not pass to the employees but the other shoppers didnt seem to take notice of my presence. 

I didnt have much else to do there and still wanted to take some fun pictures somewhere else so I went to check out. The cashier asked for my phone number or their computer so I have her a fake number and then she asked for my name. I hesitated deciding how to answer and said, "I go by Heidi Phox". Duh. Another dumb move. Even though I knew she had read me, I should have just said Heidi Phox. Not a big problem but it shows how I need more experience interacting with people. To make matters worse, when I returned to the car and looked in the mirror I noticed one of false eyelashes had come lose and was sticking straight up! I sure hope that happened after leaving the store. I fixed it with the lash glue I always keep in my purse.

After leaving I headed to an equestrian park intending to change into a cowgirl outfit and take some fun pictures but someone was parked where I was planning. I decided to instead drive to a meadow in the hills but first realized I needed to get gas. I stopped at a busy gas station and filled up. I even got a few good pictures. I continued on to  the country road and parked on the side of the road. I changed clothes in my car and mounted my camera on a tripod. I had on a strapless lace dress, turquoise scarf, belt and cowgirl boots. As it turned out the road was much busier than  I expected.

Part 3

I knew standing 10 feet from the road in a strapless dress with blond hair blowing in the breeze would catch the attention of anyone driving by so I was a little self conscious. I set the timer for 5 pictures and then posed by the nearby fence. The sun was at my back and the field, trees and blue sky make a perfect backdrop. As the second photo clicked I could hear traffic coming around the corner so I skipped back to my car and waited for the car to pass as to not make a spectacle of myself. 

Once it passed and all was quiet I tried again and the same thing happened. The third time I decided to just stay posed by the meadow for the duration of the 5 clicks on the camera. As the car passed a young woman in the passenger's seat looked directly at me. I'm glad it was a young woman because I'm guessing she's done something similar with her friends. 

I was confident that I had gotten what I wanted there so I decided to try the equestrian park one more time. When I got there I found a nice shaded spot I hadnt considered originally. It was a little too close to the road and too close to home for my comfort but I decided to get a few quick pictures. I posed on the fence and by a big tree. At one point a car slowed to a stop on the road and just as I was wondering what might happen the car turned into a driveway. Finally, it was getting late so I slipped the baggy guy short on over my dress, took off the wig and earrings and put on a ball cap and sunglasses for the short drive home. 

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