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There will be several evening events that I will get the change to get dressed up for. I'll be bringing along the above outfits and will have to decide which to wear and when.

I'm truly excited to get to the hotel room and unpack all my clothing, makeup and shoes. I've packed about 15 pairs of shoes! The only male clothes items will be the ones I wear for the trip and they will be packed away and not looked at again for 5 days. I've packed a couple of nighties for sleeping in. I have grown my nails out and hopefully they will look good enough that I can wear them painted red or pink the whole time.

I probably will be too busy to post or blog while I'm there but will surely take lots of photos and will write all about it when I get back. 

‚ÄčDaytime temps in Atlanta in early September will be about 90 degrees so light summer clothing is optimal but since it will be past Labor Day, fall-ish clothing will be acceptable as well. (actually, pretty much anything goes as long as the style isn't too extreme.)

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Packing for SCC

This year will be my first time going to the Southern Comfort Convention in Atlanta.  The SCC is the biggest transgender convention in the US and attracts hundreds of individuals each year. There are events, venders and seminars. The seminars include topics such as presenting feminine or learning how to develop a female sounding voice but most of the seminars are targeted toward m-f transexulas.

For that reason a lot of cross-dressers tend to skip the seminars and go off and do other things. Some of the things that I've heard going on are a trip to Hooters (dressed as waitresses), formal dinner party, trip to a dance club, a pool party, tennis, jogging, shopping trip at a mall, trip to a nail salon, etc

Of course, a range of activities like that requires a range of outfits as well! With a stockpile of clothing that I've accumulated over the years it seems logical to try to wear as many different outfits as possible.

I figure I'll need 5 daytime/casual outfits and 5 evening ensembles. It was a struggle to narrow it down so I packed an extra outfit or two just in case I have a last minute change of mind.