This time we had to wait in line to get into the bar. It was fun standing in line with all of the other people and as soon as we got in a gg rushed up to Kimber and greeted her because she had seen us standing in line and was impressed at how she looked. The rest of us went straight to the dance floor and immediately a girl looked at us and exclaimed, “oh my gosh, you are all so beautiful”. That sure made our day. The rest of the night was less exciting. The bar was pretty crowded and there was one guy on the dance floor that was obviously intentionally backing into/pushing us. He was pretty rude. We got some more compliments from girls and this cute old guy that was dancing gave me the thumbs-up but there was another guy that kind of made me uncomfortable because he always seemed to be staring at me. The dance floor was hot and we spent a lot of time at a table in the corner talking and such which was pretty fun because several GG’s made a point of talking with us. In all my years going to bars as a guy I never met as many cute girls as the couple of times I’ve gone in drag. We headed back around 1am and I didn’t even bother going to bed. I hung around in the lobby saying good-bye’s to the girls before getting cleaned up and catching a cab for the airport.

I briefly entertained the idea of “flying pretty” on the first leg of my flight home and changing back into guy mode but my layover wasn’t very long. It’s a good thing I decided against it because I checked in among the entire San Jose football team and since my flight arrived a little late I had to run to to get to my connecting flight.

SCC Day 5

Saturday at Atlanta's Southern Comfort Transgender Conference (part 2)

By late afternoon and time to start getting ready for the grand formal dinner that marks the end of the convention. I washed up, shaved again, and redid my makeup. I put on my strapless red dress and used medical adhesive to attach my breast forms. I wore my silver sequin heels and then had to figure out what hair to wear. Since I don’t really have a nice, fancy wig I had to use the inexpensive, blond wig that has a little curl to it. It took me a long time to style it in a way that I thought looked good. I pulled it back on the sides and used a red flower to hold it that way. I left a few strands to hang loose on either side of my face.

I got down in the lobby in time for the Vanity Club photo. It was wonderful to see so many of us girls dressed to the nines. All week most girls would get dressed pretty well just for hanging out down in the lobby bar but I could tell everyone has saved their best for this night. There were a lot more pictures taken but, believe it or not, I was getting tired of posing for photos. Dinner was pleasant and I got to have a nice conversation with Ava Alba who had traveled all the way from Moscow to attend.

As the speaches started to drag on (no pun intended) I noticed some of the girls had slipped out and I did the same. We decided to go back to Johnny’s Hideaway again. I had to make sure some of the girls were willing to come back earlier than last time since I had an early flight Sunday morning. One more dilemma was that, even though I thought I had over packed, I had already worn all of the outfits I had. Luckily, I had bought that dress at Ross. It was pretty tight but seemed good for going out to a club so I wore that, black nylons and, six-inch peep toed pumps.

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