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We got back early enough that I had time to change into my tan Capri pants, yellow crinkle top, and blue flip flops. In the lobby I met up with Laura White and we had lunch in the convention hall. After lunch it was time to change for the pool party. I tucked and taped to make my front smooth and create a little cleavage. I put on a pink cardigan and my white wedges and walked down to the pool. I felt tall and leggy dressed like that. When I got to the pool I noticed that most people were out in the courtyard. All of the shadier spots were taken so we had to set up seats in the heat. Lots of the girls I had been hanging around with showed up looking wonderful. We took lots of photos but the heat eventually drove us inside. That was fine since the pool provided more photo opportunities. Ever gracious, Dee took my camera and generously lead me through a series of poses in and next to the pool. Finally, Jen, Dee and I went to the lobby and took pictures in the lobby and among the gorgeously landscaped hotel yard.

SCC Day 5 

Saturday at Atlanta's Southern Comfort transgender Conference (Part 1)

Saturday was the last day of SCC and it was packed with activities. To my pleasure I managed to wear 5 different outfits over the course of the day. Dee Gregory and I had agreed ahead of time to play tennis that morning. Well, not so much “play” tennis as pretend to play tennis and take a bunch of photos. I was ready early so I took a bunch of photos as I waited for Dee to come down from her room. I had recently purchased a pink tennis skirt and a black sleeveless top.

We drove to a nearby complex that had 3 tennis courts, a couple of basketball courts that had a wall to practice tennis against, and a softball field. When we got there 2 of the tennis courts were occupied and the middle one was vacant but we went to the basketball courts to warm up by hitting against the wall. There was a game going on at the softball field and a man arrived to practice tennis against the back side of the wall but no one seemed concerned about the two men in skirts taking photos of each other as we hit against the wall. 15 minutes or so later we went over to the actual courts and walked onto the middle one. Dee set up the tripod at the net and we took pictures pretending to play doubles. A few times errant tennis balls from the other courts bounced onto our court and we returned the balls. At no time did any of the other players seem dismayed that a couple of transgendered girls were doing a photo shoot on the adjacent court.

This was harder than I expected. Timing our actions to match the camera, looking good in the direct sunlight, and trying not to sweat were all challenges that were difficult to overcome. Luckily we took a ton of photos so a few came out decent.

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