SCC Day 4

Friday at Atlanta's Southern Comfort Transgender Conference

Friday at SCC was mostly an open day. There were no activities that I was set on doing but it turned out to be a lot of fun anyways. I dressed in short olive green shorts, a sleeveless top with a peach colored long sleeve lace top over it, and tan flat sandals. I decided to wear my new wig and thought I looked very stylish and main-stream.

Having slept in because of the late night the day before I didn’t come down to the lobby until late morning. I discovered that some of the girls didn’t get enfemm every morning, instead spending the morning in guy mode and then getting done up after lunch. Some had professional makeovers scheduled for the afternoon, others I presume, just wanted their makeup and shaving to be fresh for the evening.

Kimber, Jo, Antonia and Steph invited me to join them in walking across the street to the mall for lunch. We chose a more upscale Italian restaurant (for a mall) and walked across the busy street to get there. We were politely seated and the waitress was very cordial to us. None of the other patrons gave us much notice. The food was pretty good although the service was kind of slow. The conversation was fantastic with Kimber leading us in conversation to get us to know each other better. I seem to enjoy mingling small talk, getting to know other CD’s much more than doing that with other guys in my “real” life. These girls were especially fun to hang around with. As we were finishing up I realized I needed to use the restroom. I had only used the ladies room a few times before and always in very safe conditions so I was excited to attempt it in a busier, more mainstream venue. However, the ladies’ room was upstairs and not busy so it was no different than my other experiences.

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After we got back to the hotel, Kimber said she wanted to go to Target to look for a 2 piece bathing suit. I had brought a one piece and a two-piece and intended to decide at the last minute which to wear but since she was determined to try a two-piece, I was excited to try mine, too. Jo and I went with Kimber to Target. That was a fun trip as well. As you can imagine, as we entered Target we got distracted and spent some time looking at the shoes. The summer sandals were on clearance and I had to try some on. There were some GG’s there already and I looked at the shoes right along with them and they didn’t mind at all. We finally made our way to the bathing suits and Kimber picked out a two-piece to buy. As we were in line to check out she grabbed a package of panti-pads and put them with her other things on the check out counter. I didn’t notice anything strange from the clerk but she must have been a little confused by that.

Back at the hotel I stopped in at the Vanity Club Social and mingled with the ladies for a while. They are such nice people, every one of them. Dee Gregory was taking a group of girls to Hooters again and even though I didn’t have the Friday black uniform I decided to go along. I decided to wear the white Hooters top and white jeans I originally had on the other day before acquiring the orange shorts. There were fewer girls along this time but still about a dozen of us. I hesitate to mention names because I don’t want to leave anyone out but I was pleased to add Ava and Kimberly to my growing list of new friends. This trip to Hooters was kind of a repeat of Wednesday’s trip only slightly less exciting but well worth it.

The only thing really going on that evening was a scheduled trip to a club called the Jungle. None of us seemed especially excited to go there but decided to check it out. Instead of taking the free hotel shuttle, we drove so that we could leave when we wanted to. I wore my white skinny jeans, purple fitted top, and black boots. The Jungle it turns out is a gay bar that split into 2 sections with a large dance area and a small area with a stage and seating. The dance area was pretty lame, with techno music I wasn’t liking and not much going on. We went to the other room and watched the last few acts of a drag show. The drag show was more interesting than I expected, watching the performers do their act and work the audience. But after the show was over there wasn’t much interesting going on there and we left and went back to hang out and mingle in the hotel lobby which was as more fun. I got to meet KC of the once popular “KC’s Top Ten” and get to know some other girls getter.

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