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That afternoon, many of the girls started slipping away to their rooms to get ready for the Vanity Club Dinner. It took me about 2 hrs as well and I spent a lot of time and effort creating cleavage so that I would look good in my pink minidress. I wore matching pink satin pumps with bows on the back and nude hose. I also wore my blond wig that has some curl to it. It isn’t my best look but at least it has a little style to it. About 40 of us caravanned to the restaurant and we had to walk past several stores and other restaurants to get to the dinner. At the dinner I was “pinned” as a member of the Vanity Club and we took a group photo. Everyone was so nice and so gorgeous! What a great group of ladies. The wait staff was very patient with us and the service was very good.

I wasn’t expecting there to be more activities after the dinner but there was talk of going to a bar called Jonny’s Hideaway. Well, I wasn’t going to sit out and said I’d go too. I changed into my black and white dress with the low v-neck and put on my black boots. The dress was perfect to wear since I had already created the cleavage.

I rode along with Jamie in her Audi and I have to say it is an impressive car. We parked and paid the attendant. When we got out the attendant said he would like a picture. We were getting pretty used to people taking our pictures but to our surprise he wanted a picture of the car! Then he asked us to be in the photo as well. He said it’s not every day he has to watch an Audi, especially one driven by….”characters” like us. Johnny’s was not too crowded and we got several tables close together. The dance floor was kind of crowded but we danced as much as our makeup would allow. It was a great place to hang out since they played an incredible variety of music, from hip-hop to Frank Sinatra but it wasn’t so loud that we couldn’t talk when not dancing. There were some girls that danced with us but for the most part the guys left us alone.

We stayed until they closed at 3am. My phone charge had been getting low so I had been trying not to use it but when I did I noticed several texts from my wife wondering if I was ok since it was so late and I hadn’t responded. After such a late night I knew I wouldn’t be running in the morning again.

SCC Day 3

Thursday at Atlanta's Southern Comfort Conference 

Thursday was a rainy day. A perfect opportunity to dress in some fall fashions. I put on my jeans with the bling on the rear, brown top which has a fitted bodice and baggy sleeves, and brown riding boots. I didn’t really have any morning plans so I went down to where the vendors had set up and looked around. I chatted with a few people on the way and then Kimber excitedly pointed out a vendor that was selling second-hand clothing very inexpensively. I soon found a sequin dress and went into the changing room to try it on. I had to come out to let Kimber help zip up the back and it fit. I loved it and will have to wear it next year.

By the time I was done looking around it was lunch time and JoAnn was just going into the dining room so I went with her. We sat at a large table and a few girls I didn’t know joined us. We talked a little but it wasn’t as much fun as hanging around with the girls I had met the day before and the ones I knew from the internet.

Throughout the event I had many people approach me or recognize me. That was pretty cool since I am usually too shy to approach other people. Most people said they appreciate the photos I put up and my blog. It made me feel good to be an example and inspiration to others.

After lunch I went back to the vendor room. One of my goals was to try on several wigs to see what would look good. Until then I had only bought wigs without trying them on. The sales girl offered me a chair and brought me a long blond wig with a lace front so that the hairline looked realistic. I loved it. She said it was $450 but that the owner would probably give it to me for $400. That was more than double any wig I had previously bought but I had budgeted for something like that. When the owner was done with another customer she had me sit in front of the mirror and had me try on a styled blond wig and a shorter brown wig. They both looked great as well and I wanted all 3. She said if I bought all 3 I could have them for $400 each. Well, I didn’t have that kind of money and considering what the other girl had said, it didn’t seem like a great deal so I hesitated but finally offered her $400 for the short brown wig and she accepted. It is quite a new look for me but I quickly fell in love with it. It is so “normal” looking and great quality.

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