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After some more mingling back at the hotel it was time to get ready for Hooters. I decided I would go and would wear the Hooters tank top and white jeans. Kimber and Stephanie came to my room to lend me the top and we took some photos before heading down to the lobby. As soon as we got to the lobby Jen offered her extra shorts to me and I was able to complete my uniform. It was quite a scene in the lobby as about 15 of us were dressed as Hooters girls. There was lots of photo taking by ourselves as well as other people that were in the lobby and even the hotel staff.

The drive to Hooters was long since the traffic in Atlanta is horrendous but it was well worth it. Dee Gregory has been taking groups there for a few years and the staff looks forward to our annual visits. They had a big table set up for us and posed for lots of photos with us as well as do their regular jobs. The highlight of the trip was when the staff girls asked us if we wanted to participate with them in their happy birthday song/cheer for a young man who was celebrating his 18th birthday with a few friends. Of course we jumped at the chance and joined the Hooters girls in the birthday wish. The man was impressed with the attention from the large group of Hooters girls but then after the song was over took a better look and said, “Wait what is going on here?” Then he started to laugh and asked to have his photo taken with all of the false Hooters girls.

When we reentered the hotel lobby there were more photos before going up and getting changed. Learning from the previous night that lots of girls got dressed up for mingling in the lobby I put on my purple dress with matching shoes. I met a lot of more girls and had some good conversations. I was invited to go to a late night hang out but decided getting a good night sleep would be wise. I hadn’t realized at the time that the late night conversations were a tradition as well.

Wednesday morning some of the girls went to the salon to get their nails done. Since I had already done mine I as free to go running enfemm with Jen. We did 4 laps around the property which were about 0.75 miles each. We had to keep the running slow and alternate with some walking because it was already pretty hot and the humidity was making us sweat a lot.

The loop led us along the busy road that passes in front of the hotel. Luckily since we were running in the same direction of the traffic the motorists only saw us from behind. One driver on the back side of the loop stopped to look at us and get a better idea of what was going on, but there was also a woman on the sidewalk who asked us for directions. We tried to take some photos but the situation did not lend itself to very flattering results.

After returning and getting cleaned up I headed down to the lobby and ran into Sheri Williams. We talked for a while and I told her some of the girls were trying to get me to go to Hooters with them. Kimber even offered to lend me her extra Hooters top. I told Sheri that I was thinking about it but didn’t have the sneakers. She graciously offered to take me to Walmart to see if we could find some. When we got there I was kind of disappointed with the selection but once again Sheri came to the rescue and found the perfect pair on the clearance rack. Trying to ring myself up on the self-checkout register the shoes scanned with the wrong price. Sheri walked right up to the clerk and explained the problem and she fixed it. I was very impressed with how confidently she handled herself. She is very pretty and natural looking and made it look so easy.

Shortly after we got back to the hotel I got invited to go to lunch with a group of ladies. We carpooled to a pizza place and put a few tables together. I think there were 9 of us. None of the other patrons gave us much notice and the staff treated us very well. The pizza was great and we left a big tip. On the way back we stopped at Ross and did a little shopping I took some dresses to the changing room and the attendant directed me to the ladies dressing area. Almost as soon as I entered a woman in there asked if I thought the dress she had on was too short. I said no, it looked good. That was pretty cool!

SCC Day 2

Wednesday at Atlanta's Southern Comfort Conference.