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I folded up my guy clothes and stored them away, not to be taken out for 5 days. Next I took my time shaving, painting my toenails, and doing my makeup. I figured I'd dress nice but casual since I planned to hang out down in the lobby so I chose my lavender form-fitting top and striped maxi-skirt with flat thong sandals. By 9pm I was ready to go!

I was slightly nervous leaving the room, as always, but when I entered the lobby bar, I almost immediately saw the gorgeous Jenee Davis. Among others, I also met Jamie Grae, JoAnn Tabarras, Shelly Kimber Walters,  and Stephanie Wardlow. I had never met any of them in person but they were so sweet and welcoming that I knew I was among true friends. I knew Steph was pretty but in person she is absolutely stunning....from any angle and in any light. Actually, to my surprise, all of the girls were even better looking in person than in photos.

Many of the girls down there were pretty tall and were wearing high heels so I really felt petite. Also most were dressed much less casually and I realized I could have dressed up a little more.

We talked for a few hours and took a bunch of photos. I was loving it. I confirmed plans with Jen to go running enfemm in the morning and then went back up to my room. Once in the room I put on my silk nighty and started to paint my finger nails. I had grown them out for almost 2 months and they were longer than I had ever had them. Lots of girls either use glue on nails or go to the salon and have longer nails put on professionally. I only like the glu-on nails for short term, light activity and was afraid of not being able to easily get off acrylic nails so I figured growing my own would be better. 

After painting my nails I laid in bed so that they could dry and I could get a little sleep but I was so excited for the upcoming week that I barely even nodded off all night. 


Tuesday, Southern Comfort Conference

​​While I'm still recovering from my whirlwind of activities in Atlanta I'll try to blog as much as I can before I forget some of the details. 

I had to leave home at 6am to catch my flight. After landing in Atlanta and lugging my suitcases containing 80 lbs of my outfits onto the MARTA train and then uphill 0.25 miles to the hotel I finally arrived at SCC at 7pm. It was a long trip but I was excited.

As I walked in the door to the hotel I saw Christy Garcia walk off the elevator and into the lobby. Cool! Of course I didnt say anything since I was in boy-mode. As I waited in line to check in I wondered if any of they guys in line were actually "girls" that I knew.

Once in my roomI unpacked all of my gear, neatly setting up all of the makeup on the bathroom counter. I filled the hotel dresser drawers with my tops, capris, skirts, shapers, lingerie, underwear, etc, and hung my dresses in the closet. I was sure I had way too much clothing but wanted to be prepared.