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I came across this Australian site recently and I especially liked this particular section meant to explain crossdressing to wives, friends, etc.

I get lots of inspiration from tgirls that post on youtube, especially the makeup tutorials. My favorites are at this link. (click on the YouTube logo)

These two sites are just FUN! "FACEinHOLE" allows you to put your face onto various models. And InStyle Makeover allows you to try out celebrity hairstyls.

I have aquired many of my body form shapers and a couple of wigs from Glamour Boutique. Additonally, they have lots of advice articles and run regular contests

This link will take you to my pinterest boards. It's easy to go from there and branch out into areas that interest you. I find a lot of inspiration from gorgeous transwomen and also the mainstream pins of sylish outfits and shoes and outfits.

Making Faces by Kevyn Aucoin

My wife gave me this book when I was first started to learn to use makeup. It goes over now to create a lot of different looks but I liked the contouring lesson the best. He has followed up with other books that look good as well.

Crossdredding, Sex, and Gender
by Vern and Bonnie Bullough

A sociology book that explores transgenderism historically, tries to explain the reasons for it as well as how it fits into today’s society. I have heard from one person that the info seems a little dated but I still think it is a useful resource for understanding the these phenomena.

The Vanity Club

Some beautiful and sweet gals whose friendship have enriched my life enormously.

Tiffany's TG Movie Guide

An extensive if not quite exhaustive list of movies that either feature or include m2f transgendered characters or sometimes just short scenes in which men dress as women for various reasons.

Tricks of the Trade and More Tricks of the Trade by Carollyn Faith Olsen

Carolyn has tapped into some of the best CD’s on the internet and gotten them to share their secrets. TGforum (whcih is a worthy site itself) has written a detailed reiew. See the address below of click on the book to the right.

This is the site for the good people that organize the Diva Las Vegas t-vacation in Vegas every spring. In addition to its administration functions it also is a great resource for tips on how to dress and behave in public places as well as how to deal with your apprehension about doing so.


There are a lot of sources for tgirls out there. This  page is a collection of books, websites, videos that I personally have found helpful.