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Attending a Pride discussion meeting 

A few days ago my wife showed me a facebook post an acquaintance shared about a meeting/discussion group about Drag and how it relates to the TG community; hosted by the Pride organization.

She said it sounded interesting and said she'd go if I wanted to. I said it was worth checking out. As the day approached we were both a little nervous about what we might be walking into since neither one of us had ever been to any Pride events. I didn't dress enfemm for a variety of reasons.

At first I was ready to walk out. It was 15 minutes before the moderator arrived. In the mean time there was a lot of that fake conversation that people do when they don't know each other and are kind of uncomfortable. There were about a  dozen people. A mom who loudly declared she was supporting her son, who was about 17 and quite effeminate; a guy who was the Pride rep with a beard, purple hair and multiple gauges in the ears; some person that was very unattractive which I'm still not sure what sex they were born; a young man with a scruffy beard and a baby; and several pretty normal looking gay and lesbian middle aged people.
We were both a little nervous about the meeting being agenda driven or that we would encounter what I've heard called "militant LGBT".
The moderator arrived and was so high he could not complete a single sentence so we just had to start our own talking points. I did not reveal I crossdressed because at first I didn't know how comfortable my wife was about the whole experience. Eventually it became clear that both the pride rep guy and the guy with the baby were actually born women (so this "guy" with the scruffy beard had just given birth a few months ago??).
The discussions touched on drag but strayed a lot into other TG related topics. I guess the drag scene here is a little extra campy with guys in women's clothing but full beards coated in glitter.

The mom proudly talked about how her son dresses as a girl when he is at home. The son referred to it as drag although I think what he was doing was more what I would refer to as crossdressing. It seemed he was a big fan of RuPaul's Drag Race show.
The Pride guy came off as one of those "militant" types. He said how he likes to present in a way that keeps people guessing on his gender and likes when they are confused....but then complained about getting questioned for entering the restroom...or about being asked several times a day what gender he is. He also curtly interjected when one of the gay men used the term transvestite saying that term is considered offensive. I thought he was a bad representative of the Pride meeting that says all are welcome on their advertisement.
The other people were more level headed in their comments and questions. The mom was interesting and Nikki said she thinks this revelation about her son might be new...that her body language said she was more uncomfortable than her words.
As the meeting ended Nikki thanked the mom and son for their comments and asked the son if he had an photos (knowing CD's like to share) He did have one and the mom said he still needs to get a good wig. She explained that he doesn't feel like transitioning is his path. At that point I told them that I go away for girls weekends a few times a year and that Nikki sometimes comes along....I shared a picture of me in my blond wig and Nikki enthusiastically asked me to show a picture of me in my new beach-wave wig. They were impressed and the mom asked how I create such my breasts. The mom really seemed to appreciate our sharing with them. Nikki thinks it put the mom at ease quite a bit seeing a normal looking guy living a normal life who still embraces his feminine side.

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