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Sometimes I get asked whether I worry that I might get recognized from posting photos on-line and that being known as a man that wears dresses might have negative results. I do worry about this a little bit but not much.

The perceived danger is that I will be “outed” as a cross-dresser. Then, supposedly, friends and family might treat me poorly or it might affect how my employer treats me.

I certainly don’t worry about my job. I’m confident that it would be a non-factor at work since it doesn’t affect my work at all.

I don’t worry about my friends, family and neighbors finding out, either. If any of them make too much of it then they it would just expose what kind of character they have by not considering the other positive attributes that I have thus far exhibited. Even if the response is negative it might present the opportunity to educate people about many of the misconceptions regarding crossdressers.

While personally dealing with any negative responses does not worry me, the prospect of my family having to deal with the responses of their friends and family is of some concern. Even though the same holds true about the true nature of those people showing through, I don’t want to put my family in uncomfortable positions. For this reason I do not come out and make it known that I have a feminine side. Certainly, the safest thing to do would be to stay off the internet all together, but I believe (and my wife has said as much) that participating as I do makes me a better person. And after over 10 years on the internet, so far things have turned out well.

Is there a danger to posting online?

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