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Trying out some poses I collected from Pinterest


On The Bed

I often save photos I come across of women in attractive poses and then practice them when I get a chance to see if I can do them. I might be a man that looks like a woman at times but females are more limber and can position their bodies better so it's fun to see what poses I can do and which ones I just have to appreciate  

Facial Expressions

A beautiful smile is usually perfect but it's a fun challenge to try some other facial expressions.

More Favorites


On The Floor


When taking pictures you can maximize your feminine presentation with your pose. I’ve written up the things that I focus on most when taking photos.

Smile! The most beautiful thing a girl can put on is a smile. I find a smile that shows teeth is best. Although you might feel good, with a wild, kicking up the heels expression, and open mouth or a very expressive look doesn’t usually translate the way you’d hoped. It’s usually best to face directly or nearly directly at the camera. The larger, more angular features of a male face are more noticeable the closer you get to being in a profile position. Keep your chin down but try to extend your head directly toward the camera (like a turtle) to make sure you don’t have any extra chins.

Keep your fingers together to make your hands look more slender. If you can do it looking natural, don’t let the broad, flat top or bottom of your hand face forward. Tilt it at least 45 degrees so that the side of your hand is forward with each finger partially hidden by the finger in front of it. Extending your fingers wide makes the hands look wider and more manly. Placing one hand on the hip is a natural pose and keeps your arms from hiding the hourglass figure you’ve worked so hard to create. When you do this, remember to angle your wrist so that it kind of dips and your hand is pointing upwards to a degree. A man’s arms naturally hang a little wider and curve back in toward the body (picture a body builder in his puffed up exaggeration of this). Avoid this by putting one hand on a hip and the other holding something, partially behind your body, touching your hair, etc. and smile!

To minimize the look of the broader shoulders and the more bow-leggedness of the male body, stand at an angle to the camera. You can even pose standing with your legs crossed in an X to help this illusion and create more of an inverted tear-drop shape on the bottom half of your body. And don’t forget to smile!

You can hide a knobby knee, love handle or bicep muscle with a well placed manicured hand. Whenever possible point your toes…even when standing. Keep your elbows close to your body. Hold your shoulders down and back. Hold your knees together. And, most of all, you guessed it, smile.

Most of the above applies to sitting poses as well but there are additional leg positions to keep in mind. Again facing directly forward is not the best. When crossing legs, have the leg nearest the camera cross over the other one. If you do it the opposite way, It will exaggerate the calf muscle of the top leg which is usually already bigger than most females’. Dangling the heel of your shoe off your foot a little is a nice touch. Another good sitting pose is with knees together but one foot tucked under or back. Are you smiling?

Try to keep your shoulders back and your stomach in …but in a relaxed way! (there’s a reason models get paid so well.) And don’t forget to smile.