Heidi in the Pacific Northwest

Day 1  (Oregon)

When Nikki and I found out our good friends' daughter was getting married in Oregon we knew we definitely would be making the trip. Beside the excuse of the wedding we had been talking about visiting that part of the country some day so Nikki and I decided to spend 5 days in the Pacific Northwest attending the wedding, visiting our friends, seeing the sites and visiting Nikki's childhood friend, Christine, that now lives near Seattle. I figured this would just be a husband and wife trip so it surprised me when Nikki suggested that I take half a day if I wanted to be Heidi for a while. 

At first I thought there would be no time to do something like that. Additionally, I had no idea where I might go and what I might do but as time got closer I did a little research. I found a couple of possible places that might be fun to visit enfemm and it seemed logical that I use to time Nikki was visiting Christine in Seattle for me to spend some time dressed as a woman. 

​A cross-dresser friend, Gina, learned I was going to be in the area and invited Nikki and I to visit her and her wife at their place in Oregon....as husbands and wives. Nikki and I were glad to accept and Nikki eventually suggested that Gina and I go out afterward enfemm. We arranged to meet them the same day we arrived. I knew I wouldnt have a lot of time so I painted my toenails the day before we left and privately smiled at the knowledge that I had spent a day at work, and took the flight to Oregon, with red toe nails.  

After a wonderful time visiting Gina and her wife Nikki and I returned to our hotel so that I could transform. Since it was a little cool I decided to wear my white skinny jeans, the white wedges I had bought at the Vegas swap meet, and a burgandy and black mock cardigan top. As usual, when I know I'll get a chance to cross-dress, I had packed at least twice as many feminine outfits than I could possibly wear. I walked back through the hotel lobby, past the guests and receptionists that I had passed as a guy an our earlier and met Gina and Carolyn at Marilyn's house in Portland. 

I had never met Carolyn before and had only a few brief conversations with Marilyn but immediately it felt like being with old friends and we talked for hours. Eventually, we had to call it a night but not before taking a few dozen photos. 

Day 2

​On the second day of our trip we attended a wedding and reception but, although I didn't dress enfemm at all, it was still eventful from a cross-dressing standpoint.

Since I knew I'd be dressing in Seattle the next day I kept my toenails painted. As I dressed in my suit and tie I noticed that the thin dress socks I wore showed the shiny red nails but didnt worry about it and put my shoes on. When we got to the temple I remembered that we would be required to remove our shoes before entering. Luckily, no one looked closely but Nikki smiled and shook her head when I pointed it out just before the ceremony started. 

After the wedding we drove back to our hotel but had a few hours before the reception so we changed and went to a nearby Ross clothing store. I had recently been looking or a top with open shoulders as is the current style. Almost immediately I found a few tops that I liked and a dress or two to try on. This time the Ross associates were much nicer and pleasantly let me into the men's dressing room with my lacy and colorful women's clothing; and more importantly, greeted me kindly as I came back out. One of the tops was exactly what I was looking for and a second one was worth buying as well.

Nikki was just about done browsing and ready to try on her selections but stopped me and showed me a beautiful, classy, cream-colored dress that she thought would look good on Heidi. It was about three times as much as I normally spend on my wardrobe (I try to make sure my hobby doesn't become a significant expense) but I tried it on and it fit well and looked great. Also, it was different from any of the 25 or so dresses that I already have. Again the fitting room attendant was very accommodating. ​

I hesitated to buy it but Nikki strongly encouraged me to and said I have to wear it at my next transgender convention dinner, and that she wants to see pictures of how it looks. She is so sweet and makes me love her even more when she embraces all sides of me. 

Day 3, Part 1 (Seattle)

The third day was set aside to spend in Seattle. Nikki was meeting her childhood friend and offered for me to take that time and go off by myself enfemm. I had done some research of possible places that might make decent photo backdrops: the Space Needle, Waterfront, Pikes Market, etc but had no idea if the settings would be conducive to getting photos of myself. Nikki's friend, Christine, was actually the first person Nikki told about my cross-dressing, and the only person until she told our neighbor, Jenny, just recently. 

The logistics of our plans were a challenge and we decided I should transform before we left the hotel and drive the 4 hours to Seattle enfemm, then I would drop her off in Seattle a block from where she was to meet Christine and I'd go park somewhere and wander around as well. Although Christine knew about my crossdressing, showing up as Heidi would not be appropriate.

We walked out the lobby and loaded up the car. There were people coming and going but no strange looks that I noticed. I was wearing the white skinny jeans again, white flat sandals, and my new open shoulder blouse. We stopped at a gas station to fill up and get drinks. When we got up to the counter to pay the clerk barely gave me a glance. I'm not sure if that is a good thing or bad thing.

Half way to Seattle we took an exit to use the restroom. We went to a McDonalds and both walked into the stalls. As I exited there was a woman there waiting. She looked at me and we exchanged polite smiles.

Finally, we made it to Seattle. I dropped Nikki off and she walked the last few steps to meet her friend that was somewhere in the crowd. Having never been to Seattle I was FREAKED out by driving downtown. I've driven in Boston and some crazy cities but Seattle is a while different experience. Any ways, I got the heck out of there and decided to head over to the arboretum that I had noticed in my research of Seattle.

Day 3 Part 2 (Seattle Arboretum)

I texted Nikki that I was heading over to the arboretum and quickly found my way there. I drove past the visitors center and parked at the end of the road.  There were plenty of people around but it wasn't crowded. Perfect! Almost immediately I saw a man taking photos of a young woman posing and I knew I could get out and take some fun pictures without feeling too self-conscious. I had brought and oversized purse/bag that was big enough to carry my tripod in.

I got out of the car walked down to the path and took a bunch of photos on a bench and near an interesting tree. A few people walked or jogged by but I continued undeterred. I explored around a little and found some decent settings for photos but soon I had to use the restroom pretty bad. For half a second I considered finding a bush to go behind as I might normally do in guy mode but promptly discarded the idea and returned to the visitor's center. 

I walked right in and directly into the ladies' room. A young woman was leaving as I entered and I walked right into the open stall. I could hear a mom helping a young child and waited for them to leave before coming out of the stall. I didn't want to create an awkward situation. I probably would have attempted a selfie at the sink but another woman entered so I rinsed my hands and left.

Back outside the visitors center I explored around a little more but didn't find many good settings so I went back to the visitor center and decided to go ahead and take some pictures at the covered patio attached to the building. A gardener was about 10 yards away, a group of women walked through the patio area and a few other people passed by but no one seemed put off by the man in women's clothing posing and taking photos. 

I texted Nikki to tell her I was still alive. Her biggest fear is that I'll run into some TG haters.  She responded by sending me a photo of her having a seafood lunch with Christine so I replied with a photo of myself sitting pretty on a bench with colorful flowers behind me. 

After a few dozen photos I was satisfied that I had probably captured a few keepers and started to leave but I noticed an beautiful concrete pedestrian bridge. This bridge provided some great photo ops. People kept walking and jogging by but if anyone thought anything odd of my behavior, they didn't indicate. At times I would stop and let the people pass before resuming, other times I would just let the camera shoot the 5 timer shots as they approached. I kind of figured that I'd never see them again and I may never be here again so what the heck! 

Finally I decided to leave. I still had a couple of hours before needing to meet back up with Nikki so I decided to try going down town again and getting some of those iconic Seattle scenes in my photos. 

Day 3, Part 3 (Downtown Seattle)

​I decided I'd try my luck parking down by the sculpture park just north of downtown. I got lucky and found a spot with 2 hour parking on a quiet side street. I crossed the street to the waterfront. Once again the area was busy but not crowded and I was able to take photos with my tripod in a few different spots. When in an isolated location it easy to take lots of fun pictures without feeling self conscious but having people in the backgrounds adds an extra element that makes the photos much more interesting and I decided I didn't care if it looked odd. 

Not really knowing where I was going I just started wandering and found myself at the famous Pikes Market where they are known for throwing fish. I wandered through the crowds and shops taking a few selfies with my phone. I came out on a patio overlooking Puget Sound and tried holding my camera out in selfie-style to use the flash and get a better photo than my phone could take. A well dressed middle aged woman who was with her husband asked if I'd like her to take my photo. Stupidly, I said "No, I'm good." She started to insist but then seemed to realize I wasn't an authentic female and said, "Oh, OK". I'm not sure if she was uncomfortable with my being a cross-dresser or was trying to not make me feel uncomfortable. Either way, I made a big mistake and should have taken the opportunity to graciously accept her kind offer. Reflecting back later I decided I need to get better at welcoming interactions with others and decided the next time I will actually seek out such opportunities.

Somewhat crestfallen by my instinctual reaction I started walking back toward my car. My spirits were quickly lifted when a man was walking past me in the same direction and smiled at me. I smiled back politely and he continued past me but then stopped and turned back to me and said, "I just want to tell you that you are very beautiful."  I smiled and replied, "Thank you, You're sweet." and he continued on his way.

I could see the Space Needle peeking above the buildings and with renewed spring in my step I detoured in that direction. I found a couple of grassy parks that that provided good spots to take pictures with the Seattle icon in the background. 

At the first park I set up the tripod and posed on the grass as people milled around. I went back to the camera to check the photo and a young woman walking by said, "It turned out good." I said, "Maybe. We'll see." But she replied, "No. It's good!" 

As I continued toward my car I passed a group of young men gathered together. Despite being in a busy public park in the daytime I was on alert knowing groups of young men can be dangerous to CD's...but they just ignored me. 

A courtyard outside a theater provided a nice spot for photos so I set up the tripod again to take more photos sitting on a low wall. More people passed by but I took several pictures until a man made me a little uncomfortable as lingered ever closer; so I continued walking toward the car. 

A man tried to sell me a paper with the "real news" and I considered conversing with him for a few minutes just for the interaction but I decided it wasn't worth listening to his sales pitch. 

I figured I'd quickly clean up in the car and meet Nikki and Christine but when I reached the ca,r to my surprise, the quiet street was no longer quiet at all. A large deck directly across the street was now filled with people enjoying happy hour or something.  I opened the trunk and took out my guy clothes and makeup remover and drove off. It took me a while but I found a spot in a residential area and transformed back. Transforming back to guy mode in a car is much easier than transforming to girl mode but still can be a little unnerving when I'm in the middle of it; sort of half male, half female in appearance. 

Finally, I drove back to pick up NIkki and Christine to leave Seattle. When we dropped Christine off she hugged me and thanked me for bringing Nikki to visit her. As we drove off Nikki filled me in on the interesting conversations they had regarding me. 


Originally, Nikki said she'd probably tell Christine that I was off hiking but as we drove away she admitted she immediately started unloading on Christine about how I was spending the day as Heidi. The 4 hr drive up had been at times stressful with slow traffic and spilled drinks and having her husband dressed as a woman added to the discomfort. Last January when we spent a few days in Vegas together it took her a day or more to be comfortable being around me enfemm and she hadn't reached that point yet that day. She wasn't upset with me but glad to have a friendly ear to listen. She told Christine that she's seen how having opportunities to dress has been good for me but that it is still hard at times to wrap her head around. The two friends discussed their husbands and the challenges that each presents and each felt that the others' was not really a big deal. 

Nikki showed Christine the picture of us in Vegas with Donnakelli, her wife, and Stephanie, and pointed me out. Nikki said that Christine's response was, "Oh! He's beautiful......That's kind of unsettling."  I asked Nikki what that meant and Nikki said, "Well, girls are always comparing themselves to the other girls in the room."  I reassured her that my smoke and mirrors femininity was no match for her genuine curvaceous beauty.

I didn't dress enfemm the last 2 days of our trip. The following day we did some hiking but I kept my toe nails painted. Nikki asked me what I was going to do the next day when we were going to the beach with our friends. I assured her I would remove the polish but that evening when I tried, it would not come off very well. I told her I had run out of clear polish and didn't put down a base layer before polishing them and they didn't clean up well. So she offered to help and we went down to the drug store and got some nails sticks and she bought me a new bottle of clear polish. Back at the hotel she used the sticks to give me a pedicure and clean up the residual polish. Then to my surprise she put a coat of the clear polish on my toe nails. It gave them a pretty shine without being obvious. I was thrilled.

At the end of our trip she commented several times what a wonderful trip it had been. She even said it felt like a second honeymoon. Not only did we spend a lot of time together and were very affectionate but we grew closer in how we continued to trust each other and embrace each other's total personalities.  

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