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I'll probably bring one extra Day outfit and one extra Night outfit just in case. I'll also pack and exercise outfit for going walking one morning and will bring a nightie or pj's to wear sleeping. Additionally, I'll have to decide on what bras, panties, pantyhose, breast forms, padding, wigs, makeup, jewelry, etc to bring since bringing everything is out of the question.

False eye lashes/glue


Dark towel for makeup removal





Hydrocortisone cream for skin irritation




"Diamond" engagement/wedding ring

Makeup remover towelettes and baby oil for makeup removal

Feminine wallet

This top is a Keeper and the brown tones give it a nice autumn look. Now I just have to decide what to pair it with.

I also need to pick 3 outfits for the evenings...

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A maxi-dress has a nice flow and swish and is more flexible if the weather is cooler and could also be paired with a cardigan.

I'll probably wear jeans one night because I like the look and I can bring money and ID in the pockets without needing to worry about a purse while dancing. I'd like to wear a skirt the other night but some of the other looks are good as well. Also important is to consider what will stay cool in a crowded bar and what materials will not show sweat.

About 8 weeks before my adventure I stop clipping my nails. I love to have long painted nails. I've worn false nails for a few days but didnt like it nearly as much. And then a few days before my trip I shave and wax most of mybody , and trim and bleach my arm hairs.

This dress covers the arms nicely and shows some leg. It'd make a good winter sweater dress with boots but looks pretty cute with sandals as well.

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Battle Plans

A friend once commented how I seem to plan my Heidi vacations with military precision. I guess that's kind of true sine the planning is half the fun so here's a little glimpse of what that's like.

As you can see I will try lots of outfits in lots of combinations to create a variety of looks. I try to pick outfits that are appropriate for the time of year, weather, age appropriate, etc. I want to emphasize my good attributes and hide the ones less feminine. I want to look feminine yet mainstream. I'll spend hours leading up to my vacation deciding what to pack. 

Sundress with wedges. Shows some leg, might need  a cardigan if it's cooler or if I'm not feeling comfortable about showing my arms.

I like to be well prepared but it's actually a lot of fun to be missing something and "forced" to go to the store enfemm to make a purchase.

And we'll probably go out to dinner and then to a club on the other two nights.

Part 1

Atlanta 2016: I expect to need outfits for 3 days and 3 nights. Weather could be anywhere from hot to cold in late October so I'll have to save the final decisions for the week before when the weather reports are out but these are the outfits I'm considering so far:

Jeans and capri's are easy, mainstream and look good but I'd like to wear one dress during the day.

Packing List

(Excluding specific outfits)

Bras: black, white, tan pocket bra

Camera, batteries

Cell phone, charger

Electric razor


Medications, regular toiletries

Running/exercise outfit

Bathing suit

Bike shorts (as undergarment)

Sun  glasses



Purses: Day, evening

Wigs (3?)


Alcohol pads

Double sided tape (to hold clothing in place)

Medical and duct tape

Bobbie Pins

Safety Pins

Disposable Razor/gel

Nail polish/remover

Cotton balls

Paper towels

Wet wipes


Hair Brush

Hair spray

Nail file

Press on nails?

Breast forms (3 pr)

Breast form adhesive/remover


Feminine Cell phone case

Other outfits I'm considering:

There will be one fancy dinner party so I'll be able to wear one of my fancier dresses.

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