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Part 3

​We drove to Kimber's favorite pub which happened to be only a few blocks from my hotel. We got one of the last tables before it filled up. I texted my wife and told her we were just down the street and she was welcome to join us if she wanted. 

The waitress took our drink orders and a few minutes later I saw my wife at the door wave to me. She joined us and I was happy to introduce Kimber and Nikki to each other. 

A few people that knew Kimber noticed her and stopped by our table to say Hi. At one point a middle aged gentleman came over and said Hi to her and then looked at me and said what beautiful eyes I had. That seemed to amuse my wife Nikki and she later commented that it seemed to have taken him a second to realize I wasnt a cis female. 

An acquaintance of Kimber was leaving when she noticed Kimber sitting with us so she pulled up a chair and chatted with us for quite a while. Nikki, ever observant, said she gave us both a long look possibly trying to be sure which of us was cis or trans. 

Kimber told me that there was a well known country bar nearby and wondered if I would be interested in checking it out. I said sure and Nikki said she'd meet me back at the hotel later on. 

Because of the Coronona Virus warnings were just starting to ramp up the country bar was closed but a little bar next to it was open so we decided to pop into there for one last drink before calling it a night.

We were greeted enthusiastically by a few people that had apparently been celebrating for quite a while. That was entertaining for a while. As the crowd thinned Kimber and I did some deeper talking and then eventually she dropped me back at the hotel as we promised to try to get together again before too long.

Girl Day in Phoenix   

Part 1   Hotel Pool

My wife and I had decided to get away to California for a few days but the weather there was expected to be terrible so at the last second we changed our plans and went to Phoenix instead.

A friend of mine, Kimber, lives there so Nikki was glad to have the opportunity to see some museums and have lunch with a friend while I had a chance to have some girl time. 

Since I had a few hours before Kimber would be able to pick me up I wandered over to the pool before getting en-femme to see if I could maybe hang out there in my bathing suit before she arrived. I walked through the hotel lobby and said Hi to the desk clerk. The pool was kind of busy with a group 4 young girls and a couple of guys. 

Back in my hotel room I got made up and  dressed in my sundress and sandals and decided to check the pool again. I walked past the same desk clerk and said Hi to her again. She didn't seem to realize I was the same person. This time there were fewer people at the pool and since I still had an hour or so before Kimber would pick me up I decided to change into my bathing suit. 

Once again I walked through the lobby and to the pool. As I entered the pool area there was actually only one woman there. She was just putting on her cardigan and said to me "You are just in time for the clouds" I replied, "Oh shoot." and took a chair behind her. With her back to me I felt it wouldn't be too awkward to get some photos in so I took a few selfies and even took my tripod out of my beach-bag to get a few better pictures. 

The sun came back out and I was somewhat disappointed to have to leave and put my sundress back on to meet Kimber. As I left the pool I said to the woman, "Enjoy the rest of the sun." She said, "That was brief. Have a good day." 

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Part  2

I changed back into my sundress and Kimber texted that she was 5 minutes away. We had agreed to wear sundresses and bring a change of clothes in case we wanted to go somewhere dressed more casual. Just as I stepped outside of the hotel room my wife returned from lunch with her friend. She complimented my outfit and I told her I had been waffling about which wig to wear. She encouraged me to wear the short wavy one so I changed just in time to greet Kimber as she pulled up.

Kimber and I drove to Papagp Park that I had visited the day before and noticed the multitude of professional photographers using the pretty setting. There were a few people there but it wasn't crowded at all so we felt free to take our time. The sun was bright creating some difficult contrasts and shadows but we found some good settings eventually. 

At one point  we had just finished taking turns getting photos on a stump set against a lake with palm trees and red rock when a man with 2 young boys walked up. He first politely asked if we were done then encouraged his boys to sit on the stump. Kimber offered to take a picture of the 3 of them but the man's phone's battery was dead. Before we moved on he asked that if we see a woman walking a big dog that we tell her that he'd be at the car. Then he added, "she's really cool and probably would love to chat with you two."

After taking photos in a multitude of settings we decided to change clothes and go get something to eat at a pub she frequents. There was a rustic restroom near where we parked so we went into the ladies room. Although the stalls didnt have doors on them the park was so empty that it seemed unlikely that anyone would walk in while we were changing. As I was half way through I could hear a woman's voice approach and peeked out to see a woman with two little kids passing by. I was prematurely relieved that they had passed by when I heard her say, "Oh a restroom. Lets go in." Doh! I quickly finished changing and exited while Kimber went into the far stall as the family entered. She finished up without incident and we went to the car to complete the final touches before driving off.