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The wait at the start area was very cold. I kept my jacket on until the race officials said it was time to discard the sweats and congregate at the starting line. As I was walking to the starting line in my sleeveless top a woman in long sleeves looked at me and said, “You are hardcore”. I wasn’t sure if she meant because I was a girl wearing no sleeves or because I was a guy in an elaborate costume. Then she turned to the guy she was with and asked him if he had seen the guy in the way back wearing just a sports bra. I don’t think she would have made that comment if she had known I was also a guy in a sports bra. Before I got too sure that I was passing, a guy came up to me and said, “Your costume is off the hook, man! I totally had to do a double-take”.

Along the course I overheard several people remark, in an impressed way, to the people they were with, "That was a guy" I even heard one guy disagree with the girl he was with because I had a feminine figure and she told him I must be using padding. As you can see from the photos I don’t look as feminine when I’m running.

At the finish, as we were waiting for our sweats to be delivered from the starting area, a 20-something girl approached me and said, "Do you know where to pick up the gear bags?" I said, "They should be over there but they haven't been brought down yet." She stared at me and then said, "You are a man!" I just laughed. Apparently still unsure, she then she said, "You are? Aren't you?" I said Yes, And she said, "Wow." "GOOD JOB!"

After I collected my belongings it was time to go home. I snapped a few more pictures and contemplated going shopping or staging some action photos or videos in my running “costume” but I was already pretty late. The kids always get a kick out of the costumes I run in each year so I wasn’t too nervous about arriving home in what I was wearing. When I walked into the house one of my daughters didn't even recognize me. I walked in and stared at her and she stared back. She later told me that she was trying to figure out who this woman was that was staring at her in a way that it was obvious she should know who this person was. It wasn't until I spoke that she recognized me. When my 15 year old came home later I showed her my photos I took before and after the race and she was very impressed. “You’re a woman!” she said. So without realizing it, the kids have now met Heidi.

And I guess I need to work on my voice.

Run Like a Girl

Dressed as a girl for a Halloween race


This year I ran my first race enfemm. Holy Cow was that fun!! It was a Halloween race so lots of people ran in costumes. I got lots of good comments about my "costume" (so I didn't completely pass). The great advice from girlfriends about using sweat-proof makeup worked much better than I expected.

I had run this race the past 3 years in various male costumes so I figured it was time to try a female costume. In the weeks leading up to the race I had found some items that would make a good female running outfit. I added pink laces to my running shoes and painted the insignia on the side a shiny pink color. Whenever I got the chance I’d try on my outfit and tweak it a little as well as experiment with different wigs to figure out which would look ok running and stay in place.

Not until the day before the race did one of my kids ask what costume I was planning to race in. She’s 15 and when my wife said I was going as a female runner she thought it was a cool idea and offered to do my makeup. I told her that I appreciated it but that I was probably just going to apply a minimum of makeup since it would probably get sweated off. However, when I put on the makeup it looked pretty bad so I continued to apply all the usual makeup that I normally wear when I dress up.

I got dressed early in the morning to make sure I’d catch the bus that takes the runners to the start but managed to snap a few photos before leaving. I didn’t bother taking any clothes to change into after the race and knew I’d have to return home as Heidi. I also had to stop and get gas along the way.

On the bus ride to the start I sat next to a woman. She was chatting with friends that were sitting in the seats in front of us. After a while she asked me if I was by myself or meeting friends. I was pretty sure that I wouldn't pass so I didn't even try to conceal my voice and I told her that my wife ran it with me last year but she sprained an ankle and refuses to run it again. After conversing for a little while she said, "I have to say your costume is great. I thought you were a girl until we started talking." (Yeah!)