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City Park

with Lisa for some Pics


The mall had only a few store so we soon exhausted the shopping and photo ops there. Lisa suggested going to a little park that was not too far away. Since it was the middle of the day on a week day we hoped there wouldnt be many people there. When we arrived there were two cars in the lot. One was a from a maintenance worker that was just leaving and the other was from a couple of guys that were playing tennis. Another guy was sitting by the play equipment while his small child played. We were pretty confident that we looked ok but you never know how people are going to react when they see a guy in women's clothing. 

We decided to go for it and Lisa went into the ladies' room to change tops. While I was waiting outside a woman arrived and sat nearby with her toddler and had lunch. When Lisa came out she suggested we walk to the far side of the park for some photos since there were trees and rocks and a paved trail there. But that meant walking between the tennis court and playground...and with Lisa carrying a tripod. No one seemed to pay attention to us that I could tell.

We found some shady spots and tried taking some photos. It was very windy so they didnt come out as well as we had hoped. We also used the timer and tripod to take pictures of the two of us together. 

We continued to experiment with different scenes. Among some tree trunks, sitting on a rock, sitting in the shade, etc. Lisa was even kind enough to shoot a short video of me walking on the paved pathway. 

The longer we stayed the more people that showed up or that we noticed. There was an older man with a chainsaw in his back yard nearby. Several people walked past us walking dogs or with small children on the path, and more people arrived to play tennis or use the park. I never saw any of them stop and look at us strangely or seem to give any indication that things were out of the ordinary...even though we were out in the open posing with a camera on a tripod!

Eventually, I needed to go home so that I could get all cleaned up before the kids came come from school. Lisa and I both decided it was fun but could have coordinated everything a little better. We hope to find a time when our schedules align again to go have some more fun.

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