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Venturing Out, Part 3

My wife felt bad for me thinking she had ruined my chance to dress in Vegas so in April of 2013 she was very supportive when I said I was considering going to Diva Las Vegas again. This time I booked 3 nights and signed up for several events. I was a apathetic when I arrived but since I had arranged to meet a girl for pictures along the strip I knew I had to get enfemm. I met her and from the start I tossed my nervousness to the side and just had fun with it. We took dozens of pictures of each other for the next couple hours and had a lot of fun posing at any interesting location we came across.

That attitude of “just have fun with it” set the tone and I kept it for the rest of the week. It doesnt sound feminine but I kept thingking,"Damn the torpedos. Full speed ahead." I did whatever and went wherever I felt like. I went stopping at a couple of malls. I went to a tgirl pole dancing lesson (what a blast that was!) A scavenger hunt down on Fremont Street. A limo tour where we all dressed to the nines and visited some great Vegas sites. And visited a museum. I had a blast the whole time. Either my attitude made a difference to not attract negative comments or I was having too much fun to notice.

In Oct of 2013 I ran a Halloween race enfemm which I blogged about on this site.

To be continued…..?

I had kept my eye on conventions like Southern Comfort and Keystone and in 2011 I decided to attend Diva Las Vegas for a couple days. That experience was also a mixed bag. I was curious what my personality would be like in real life situations and was kind of disappointed that I was pretty much the same person. I had hoped that I would feel more comfortable as my Heidi persona than the somewhat socially awkward person that I normally am. I was also a little put off by a handful of negative comments that I overheard and the unwelcome advances of a GG that was hitting on me pretty strongly. I was able to salvage the experience when I finally loosened up and had some fun posing with a few other gurls at the wax museum. That was a blast and I realized how much difference good company and good attitude mattered.

My luck wasn’t to hold though. In 2012 my wife decided she would give it a try to spend a day with Heidi on a few days we were going to spend, again in Las Vegas. That turned out to be a mixed experience as well. I got dressed up in the hotel room and we started to walk the strip with the intention that she would be my photographer. After just a few pictures it was obvious she was getting more and more uncomfortable with the outing. She later said that she was surprised how many people gave me a double-take or looked at me and then whispered to the person they were with. We went to Ross and started to shop separately. This was actually a good experience for me. I had picked up a few dresses and it wasn’t clear where the dressing rooms were. As I approached one of the dressing rooms the attendant redirected me to the ladies’ dressing rooms. We had planned to go out again to a show that evening but considering my wife’s comfort level I decided to change back to myself for that and it was much more enjoyable.