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I did those things several times and it was a thrill even with a few close calls. Once, a police car drove by very slowly, probably responding to call about suspicious activity. Another time I parked in the store’s lot next to a car that appeared to have been left there and as I was touching up my makeup and putting the wig on, I realized there was someone in the parked car. The worst was when I was taking pictures in front of a store and having a great time until I realized there were a couple of guys sitting beneath some trees not too far off. I could hear laughing and such. I didn’t let it spoil my time but it was concerning since I thought I was alone. be continued...

Venturing Out Part 2

It was several years later before I ventured out again. By then we had moved and lived in a neighborhood that did not have the privacy of the previous place. Eventually I got tired of taking pictures in the house and wanted to get some “out” photos. I would get dressed up and when I was satisfied with my appearance decide to go out. I’d take off the lipstick, wig, shoes, jewelry and put them in a duffle bag. Then I’d put on a ball cap, sunglasses, sneakers and baggy clothes over the girl clothes I was wearing and left the neighborhood with the duffle bag in the car. When I got to the parking lot of a vacant store, I’d restore my feminine appearance. Then I would set up my camera in the car and, using the timer, take a dozen or so pictures of myself near the vacant building. I also had the tradition of taking a few days each year to go off by myself and go camping or backpacking. It became part of my trip to bring along a girl outfit or 2 and take some photos before driving home. I would similarly find an out of the way place to set up the camera and take a few photos.