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This photo was taken just before going out in public for the first time

Many crossdressers are understandably apprehensive about going out in public and never do. Others say they dared to go out and “never looked back.” My path has been a little different. I’ve been out in public several times but it’s been by a series of baby steps over many years. Even though I can produce acceptable images in photographs appearing in 3-d where movements and lighting, voice and posture all are more important is a whole different matter. I suppose my very first time out in public technically was when I was a teenager. A few times I stayed home from school and dressed up in my sisters and mom’s things. If I got daring enough I would walk out the front door and to the mailbox on the street. I loved how the breeze blew my skirt and the sound of my heels clicking on the sidewalk.

About 10 yrs later my first times out of the house as an adult were in the back yard. That was pretty easy since we had lots of trees between our yard and the neighbors’ yards. A couple of times I drove out the driveway and looped back, going less than a quarter mile. Then late one night about that time I was determined to go further. My wife was out of town and I had gotten dressed in jeans, a tank top, low heeled mules, and a leather jacket. I thought I looked good yet natural-every-day. I drove down the street with the intention of walking around Walmart. Along the way I decided I would test things out by driving through McDonalds and ordering a diet coke. As I approached the menu I realized I had never practiced a voice so I just ordered in my regular voice hoping they didn’t have a camera set up. When I got to the window to pay the girl taking the money had a little smirk and a teen-age boy was behind her pretending to sweep so he could get a good look at me. Not good. I paid, got my drink at the next window and managed a squeaky “thank you” to the girl as I drove away.

So that wasn’t very successful but I was all done up and already out in car so I decided to try Walmart across town. I parked and got out of the car and started to walk toward the store. As I got about half way there a couple exited the store and started walking directly toward me. I lost my nerve and went back to my car before they got very close. As I was leaving the parking lot I had to stop and let a group of 5 or 6 20-something age guys cross in front of me. None of them seemed to think anything unusual about the driver of the car, if they even looked, so I decided that was a small victory. be continued.

Getting out of the Closet

 Part 1