With the girls all getting their summer outfits I couldn't resist ...

Nikki found this dress and insisted I get it. She called it a "Bombshell" dress.

Shopping with my wife she found several things to buy but felt guilty because I hadnt selected anything so I grabbed this dress since it was only $5 and it turned out to be rather flattering I think.

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I always seem to get a new cowgirl look squeezed in...

One more outfit, this dress I borrowed out of my wife's closet. I do see the curtains in the neighbors back door are in a different position but don't see anyone outside so I decide next I'll lay out in a bikini before finishing up for the day.

The trees have leafed out providing some privacy in the yard and with the flowers blooming I've been eager to get some pretty spring photos.Kids are getting out of school for the summer in the next few days I realized this might be my last chance to dress for a while. 

DonnaKelli and I staged some workout pictures. As the holidays come to a close and everyone tries to work off those delicious meals now seems to be a perfect time to post these pictures.

A big sale at our favorite store produced several new outfits

This group I did in consideration for an outing to a fancy restaurant with Donnakelli and our wives.

2018 Additions to my collection:

One of my main reasons for taking photos is to compile a database of outfits of various styles to see what might look good for different occasions either real or theoretical.

Tips & Tricks

A few snow-bunny pictures before heading out Christmas and Grocery shopping. More on that soon.