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With the school year coming to a close, soon the kids will be home more so I took the opportunity I had to dress and decided I’d go out of the house. It had been a few months since I’d done something like that. There have been a few times this spring and winter when I had the chance to get out but decided not to, or chickened out for one reason or another. Sometimes I have all of these big and small ideas and don’t know how I can accomplish all of them in the short time I have to be out and wind up doing none of them so this time I was determined to just focus on doing one.

I had scouted some locations that I thought might be good for pictures. Public places that had attractive backdrops but weren’t too busy with people. I had planned an outfit that was casual yet feminine; a striped maxi-skirt, turquoise tank top, tan shrug/sweater, and turquoise sandals.

I got dressed and made up fairly quickly and was ready to go but even with all of the planning I still had second thoughts. Even though I have a method to get out of the neighborhood in stealth (see I still hesitate to make the walk to the car. If a neighbor happened to be out at the curb it might be hard to not look a little weird. I was pretty happy with my makeup and didn’t want to take off the lipstick so I just kind of made sure my mouth was covered as I drove out of the neighborhood.

I got to my first site I had scoped out, took off the baggy clothes that concealed what was underneath and put back on the wig, jewelry, skirt and sandals. This was a pretty park with lots of flowers, benches, trees, etc. Unfortunately there was a gathering going on and I decided to try another spot. I stopped at the next place, which was a walkway near a park with a large lake and no one was around. I got out and realized the wind was going to be an issue for my hair but went ahead and took a few pictures. A few cars went by and there were probably people in the little office building nearby but I was starting to get my confidence back.

I drove off and soon noticed another site along the lake that looked promising. I parked and let a few joggers pass and then went down to the path near the lake. An older man that was walking his grandson to the lake walked right by me but I just went about what I was doing and he didn’t seem to notice or at least mind that something out of the ordinary was going on. I took several more photos and then walked back to the car.

I figured I had accomplished my goal of getting out but still had time before my wife would be home so I headed over to Kohls to do a little shopping. Actually, I just wanted pictures in a store more than to actually shop. I Parked at Kohls and walked into the store passing a few people that were leaving who didn’t pay me any attention. There were several people shopping but it wasn’t very crowded. I browsed around mostly looking for places to take pictures. I tried to browse in areas that didn’t have people mostly because the selfies are a little weird in that situation but didn’t really try to avoid people.

I started to drive home but realized I was approaching “home territory” that would be frequented by friends and neighbors and that I was still dressed. I pulled into a church parking lot to change back into my stealth mode but noticed it was a nice spot for a few pictures. Even though there was a man doing yard work nearby he didn’t seem to pay me any attention so I took several more pictures before deconstructing for the final drive home.

Back at home I was relieved that none of my wife or kids had come early so I slipped back into the house. I still had some time and I wanted to try out a new wig I had acquired so I put on a dress and the wig and took some pictures out in the back yard. When I came back inside I texted my wife and said that I was going to start cleaning up (she knew I’d be dressing) unless she wanted to go shopping with Heidi. I know the chances of that are slim-to-none but I still ask once in a while. But almost as soon as I sent it she arrived home earlier than expected.

The experience was good in that I was able to get out. It still takes me too long to get comfortable being in public. Part of the problem is that I’m more interested in getting pictures of a particular activity than to actually be out doing that activity. And I think that would appear more unusual to the average person. I think that if I just went out and was actually shopping or doing errands and not bothering with the photos that it would feel a lot more comfortable but the photos are so much fun to have. Maybe next time I’ll try for a little better balance between doing and posing. But that means I would have to have a legitimate goal or reason to be out and about. I’m sure I will think of something.

Out and about in a Skirt

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