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Part 3

We had to change in the restrooms before heading into town for lunch. The place wasn't crowded so we were pretty sure we would have no problem. I had brought two outfits to try to match the level of dressiness of Lisa. She had said that two ladies meeting for lunch would likely dress nicer but she has such casual taste I was hesitant to wear what I considered "somewhat dressy". 

We entered two of the 3 stalls and started to change. After a bit I heard Lisa's door rattle. Assuming she was done, I partially opened my door and said, "Let me see your outfit." Just then a woman appeared from the direction of Lisa's stall and said' "Oh, I'm sorry". Then she entered the 3rd stall. I finished changing and let the lady exit before leaving the stall. I was kind of embarrassed but she showed no sign of discomfort about the encounter.

We met at a mall in the city and tried to shop a little before lunch but the covid restrictions and closed changing rooms made it not as much fun. We got seated at a restaurant and our waiter, Ricardo, came to take our order. He was polite but seemed nervous or uncomfortable about waiting on us. He was being watched closely by another waiter and we later ascertained that Ricardo was new to the job. Ricardo did a good job and continuously referred to us as "ladies". He was gracious and even agreed to take out photo before we left. 

After lunch Lisa and I agreed to make a point to get together again before too long and maybe even feel our wives out about the 4 of us getting together. 

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Part 2

Lisa went into the ladies room to change into her one-piece swimsuit. I had on my bikini bottoms under my dress and was able to discreetly slip off my dress and put on my bikini top inside my car. I put on a white gausey coverup and started to take the paddle board off the top of the car. A man in the distance watched me for a bit and at first I wondered if he would come over and ask to lend a hand. Once I got the board down a minivan pulled up and parked next to me. A family got out gathering up their towels and assorted beach stuff. None of them seemed to pay me any attention as I stood there in my bikini assembling the things I planned to take to the beach. 

Lisa came looking great in her visor and sandals. She has such a knack of looking mainstream and her facial structure is so good she can even wear her hair up on a warm day like this to keep cool. 

We struggled to carry all of our gear to the water and probably showed off a little more brawn that we'd like but once at water were glad to have a chance to try something new like this. 

Of course we first had to take a few pictures. The sun was bright and at our backs so it cast a dark shadow on our faces in many pictures but was much more merciful than direct light on the face. 

There were a few people around but people were keeping spread out. We decided to try out the paddle board but I had to return to the car to get a tool to remove the fin first. I had already taken off my coverup so I walked to the car in just my bikini. A few more people were walking down from the parking lot as I returned to it and I confidently walked right past them. 

Paddle boarding was a little tricky since neither of us had tried it before but luckily the waves weren't too big. We were both having a good time and Lisa commented how she wished we could do this all day, preferably at an ocean beach. Hmm, maybe an idea for a trip in the future!  As the morning had gotten late it was starting to get hot and we decided to go have lunch before we developed some tan lines that would make for some uncomfortable conversations. We decided to change in the ladies room but had a somewhat embarrassing experience when a woman came in...

Summer Girls 

(summer just appearing to be!)

Sorry for the bad pun. I've been unable to stop lately. And save your comments about "waiting for the fleet to come in"  LOL

Part 1

With my wife about to start her chemo soon she went away for a girls' weekend with some friends. So, of course, I had to have one of my own. My friend, Lisa, was quite willing to join me since the Covid conditions have severely restricted her opportunities to get out. 

I had seen a picture of the Salt Lake marina and thought it might make for some interesting pictures. Especially since all my summer vacations had been cancelled. I borrowed a paddle-board from a friend for an extra activity or at least to be a prop since I had never tried paddle-boarding before.

I tried to figure out how to transform at home but with 3 kids home from college decided to do my transformation in the car. I got there early and parked in an out-of-the way spot. I had no problems while I put on the makeup, wig, sundress and wedge heels. 

As i waited for Lisa to arrive a man walked in front of my car while walking his dogs and he politely smiled and nodded. Before long Lisa arrived. We talked like girls do about family and our lives while trying to stay focused on finding the best photo spots. 

In this day of Instagram etc I don't think a couple of ladies taking pictures draws any attention and, in fact, a man resting in the shade nearby barely seemed to notice us. Additionally, we saw a young couple with a tripod also taking photos of themselves. 

At one point we walked down onto one of the piers for some wonderful pictures and Lisa pointed out all of the Salt Lake brine shrimp swimming around. I had never seen them before! 

After we had taken a bunch of pictures we decided to put on our bathing suits and try paddle-boarding!

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