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Today my wife went with me to a thrift store 50% off sale. I was in guy mode. I was browsing the ladies' tops while my wife was in the aisle across from me. A woman approached who was also shopping and said to me, "I wish I had a personal shopper." Not quick enough to know that she assuming I was shopping for me wife I just smiled and said, "Oh yes, I'm sure". Then she said "Or are you shopping for yourself?" I had a basket full of obviously women's clothing so I said, "Yes. I am." She kind of awkwardly said, "Oh... cool". I could see Nikki across the racks kind of chuckling about the interaction. Later she told me that when the woman said "Oh cool" she then quickly looked me up and down. I assume people wonder or even presume that I am shopping for myself but that's the first time someone has asked me if I was.  

After we got home we were going through our acquisitions and Nikki held up a skirt she had bought. "Try this on" she said. "It's too small for me right now but I want to see how it'll look if I lose a few pounds."  She's never asked me to do that before. So I gleefully modeled the skirt for her and she laughed and rolled her eyes as I did a little twirl. 


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