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Part 2

Lisa knew that i wanted to shop a thrift store for my upcoming get-together with some friends. One of the nights would feature an evening with 50's style outfits and I wanted to look for ideas. I  especially had in mind a top such as the one Sandy wore in the final scene. 

After a quick change into something more casual and appropriate for shopping I met Lisa at the nearby thrift store and we went in. 

As soon as I started looking at the tops I noticed a key fob for a car on the floor so I took it to the cashier so that she could return it to the owner who would undoubtedly be back soon looking for it. The cashier looked kind of annoyed that I had interrupted her with my good deed but I think that was just her personality. 

I soon found a top I thought was nearly perfect as well as a few other items that caught my eye. Since Lisa had also found a few items she liked we both went to the dressing rooms and tried on our finds. 

I loved the top so I bought it and a couple of other items that might come in handy or be fun to play with some time. Lisa had to  get back to work we parted ways. I wanted to try out my new top and figure out what to pair it with at home so I didnt clean up before driving home. When I got close to my neighborhood I took off my wig, put my baggy guy shirt on over my girl clothes and put on my guy sunglasses to cover up my eye makeup. As I approached my house I could see that none of the neighbors were out in their yards so I chose to back into my garage making it easy to close the garage door and walk into the house without taking off my girl shorts and wedge heels. 

As I turned to back up the neighbor across the street came out of his garage dragging his trash cans to the curb. I made sure I kept my head turned back toward my house as if really concentrating on backing up. 

I knew everyone was gone for the next few hours so I took the opportunity to put together some different outfits trying to have a 50's feel. 

Over-all it was a very successful day. Getting together with Lisa is always fun. The experience at the restaurant as well as the finds at the thrift store were great. But the assignment to go to the bank and the success of fulfilling it kept me on a high for quite a while.  

Lunch Date with Lisa

Part 1

With everyone back at school Lisa and I decided to get together for lunch and a little shopping. Before I left my wife made a request, "While Heidi is out and about today if it's not too much trouble maybe she could stop by the bank and pick up some more check registries?" 

How wonderful! Not only was she ok with me going out enfemm but she was giving me an assignment. I put on my dress that I had gotten in Italy last year, a pair of wedge heels, and my short beach-wave wig. I left a little early and drove to the bank. I got out and stood in the parking lot for a moment with the breeze blowing my skirt just enjoying how fantastic it felt to be out as a lady again. 

I walked into the bank and was immediately greeted by a friendly clerk. She asked me with a smile how she could help and I said I'd like some check registries. She eagerly said, "of course" and turned to grab a few. There were 4 or 5 other bank personnel very near by and no one gave any indication that they had noticed that the lady in front of them might be a man in a dress. 

I sweetly thanked the clerk as she handed me the registries and sauntered back to my car. I had decided earlier to try to work on taking smaller steps and walking in a more feminine manner. I also wanted to make sure I didnt shy away from speaking whenever possible. 

Once at the restaurant I still had time to wait for Lisa to arrive so I walked into the nearby mall to look around. As I walked I did get a little attention and looks...probably because I was wearing such a nice dress and high heels but possibly by people trying to figure out if I was an authentic woman or a tgirl. 

Lisa texted that she was arriving so I met her in the parking lot and we entered the restaurant. We were seated and had a pleasant time talking among the other patrons. We both agreed that it's interesting how the perception is that there is so much animosity toward trans-folks but neither of us have experienced it. The place was only about half full and we felt comfortable. The staff was wonderful and the waiter even agreed to take our picture before we left. We wanted to take the picture right where we were sitting but the waiter suggested the lobby so we went there. Unfortunately, now there were quite a few people in the lobby and it was kind of awkward standing among them as our waiter took our picture. As Lisa said, "They probably noticed we were guys dressed as women but so what...we are!"