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While putting labels on people sometimes can lead to discrimination, inappropriate assumptions, and pigeon-holing sometimes it is necessary, or at least convenient, to use terminology to identify a person’s characteristic groupings by using labels. Most people are a mixture of different characteristics and the definitions of various terms are disputable but this is the way I understand them:

Transgendered (TG)
A broad term that describes any person that has characteristics of the opposite sex. This would include crossdresser, she-males, transvestites, and transsexuals.

Cross-dresser (CD)
A person that enjoys wearing clothing of and presenting partially or entirely as the opposite sex. Typically this is a heterosexual man that occasionally likes to appear as a natural woman.

Transvestite (TV)
Sometimes synonymous with cross-dresser, is more likely to dress in extreme or fetish attire. More likely to be bi-sexual.

A man that lives as woman, has had surgical or medicinal alterations to appear more female but still retains male genitalia.

Transsexual. (TS)
A person that believes they were born in the wrong body, lives as the opposite sex and (usually) has had a complete sex change.

Stands for “Genetic Girl”. A natural born female.

Gurl, tgirl, t-girl.
Abbreviations that are synonymous with transgendered.

Drag Queen
A man that regularly dresses flamboyantly and exaggeratedly in women’s costume usually in association with a performance.

Less common, but sometimes encountered terms are below.

Gender dysphoric.
A medical term to describe someone who believes themselves to have characteristics more consistant with the opposite sex.

Having characteristics of both sexes simultaneously. Can be synonymous with transgendered.

Having characteristics of either sex…ie being masculine sometimes and feminine at other times.

Cis-gendered. (as opposed to trans-gendered)
Someone who perceives themselves as completely consistent with their born gender…ie “normal” people.

Gender Bending (or gender blending)
Incorporating aspects of the appearance of both genders into a look that is inconsistent with wither or possibly androgynous.

A person naturally born with, or naturally developing, the anatomical genitalia of both sexes at the same time.