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Hip and Rear Padding

and creating an hourglass figure

More important than height or weight to creating the illusion of a female form is the hourglass shape. Ideally, the hips should be at least as wide as the shoulders, the rump should be wide and round and the waist as small as possible. Luckily for me, I don’t have a very wide waist but I have little rump and no hips to speak of. I have gotten good results improving the rump with a “cheeky” product called Booty Pop. They are just padded panties. Unfortunately they do nothing for the hips and the padding is not quite as large as I would prefer. I then got a padded girdle from the online cross-dressing store Glamour Boutique that had better rump padding and the addition of some tummy/waist compressing. However, it also didn’t have much hip padding. Finally, I made some hip pads myself that could be fit into the legs of the Glamour Boutique girdle.

The challenge to any padding is to have the edges be disguised so that observers cannot tell where the padding stops and the body starts. To make my hip pads I used the stuffing from and old seat cushion. I cut two pieces into a tear-drop shape with the center being thicker and tapered around all the edges. I then cut four pieces of fabric from an old t-shirt in the same shape but about 2 inches larger on all sides. I loosely sewed two t-shirt pieces around the padding making sure the edges of the fabric did NOT line up with each other. It looks a little messy but this prevents a line or seam that will show through the clothing.

I sometimes put on a black pair of spanex shorts over the whole assembly if I'm concerned about the white girdle showing. Adding a corset can contribute to the hourglass shape but sometimes can emphasize the large, square-ness of the rib cage which women do not have.