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​Halloween 2020

Almost every Friday night I go country line dancing. Nikki and I have made some really good friends there and even gotten to know the staff. For the past 3 years on Halloween week I've gone in costume. Every time was in a male costume and this year I get the green light from Nikki to go in a girl costume. Nikki couldn't come since she is still recovering from her illness. We have a friend, Lara, that goes there occasionally and is really nice and a great dancer but best of all she dresses ultra cutsie so I knew going dressed as her would be great way to go out as Heidi among friends. 

My daughter came home that afternoon and wanted to go with me so I told her my plan and let her borrow my SuperGirl costume. When I came downstairs dressed as Lara my daughter lost it! She laughed and screamed and was astonished at how good I looked. My other daughter who was home seemed less phased and said I should do drag because I did such a good job. 

To my disappointment an announcement was made locally that the virus was spiking and everyone was discouraged from going to groups larger than 10. Several of our friends decided to stay home and we wondered if the bar would be mostly empty. 

Once at the bar we went in and the security lady greeted us and said we looked cute. She checked my daughter's ID then looked at mine and said it was the wrong ID. I said it wasn't and that was indeed me. She said no it wasn't. My daughter started laughing and when the security realized what was up she laughed and said This Is The Best !!  And gave me a high five. 

When we got to the table that we usually sit at with friends, one of our friends who was already on the dance floor, abruptly stated that the table was already taken. So I had to reveal who I was. Suddenly everyone stopped dancing and gathered around to check out my costume and take pictures. My wife said she immediately got a barrage of texts from friends that were there. "Best thing ever" "He's a way hotter girl than the rest of us" "He has great legs" "He'd dancing like a girl". "Who did his makeup?" "He's going to get hit on".....

I tried to stay in character and our friends really enjoyed it often giggling in disbelief. My daughter had a good time too dancing next to me and took some video of me dancing. As expected I got hot from wearing the wig and sat down for a while. A girlfriend of Nikki sat down across from me and we started talking and soon it felt like we were two ladies having girl-talk. 

I was fully expecting that someone would have questioned if this was something I've done before, maybe several times before. I hadn't decided what my response would have been but the question never came. One lady looked at my makeup and said that she should think about wearing false lashes too.

At one point a waitress came by and asked, "Are you ladies doing ok?"  My daughter thought that was funny. Later another waitress who had figured out who I was said "I'm jealous of how well you do your eyes."

Unfortunately, Lara didn't show up but when she saw the pictures she loved them. She said she wished she had come and that I looked great.

The DJ played Lara's favorite song so I took that opportunity to try to imitate her dance moves as best as I could. And got an applause when I finished. (The next week the Dj admitted that he played the song thinking he saw Lara out on the floor and was stunned when someone explained it was me)

I got told 2-3 times that I should expect to get hit on. After a few hours the crowd was not picking up and many of our friends were starting to leave I decided to leave as well. One of the ladies said, "I'll walk out to the parking lot with you. That's safer for us girls."