Cinco de Mayo

You don't have to wait for Halloween to adopt a new charachter.

French Maid Costume

In Oct 2014 my friend Lisa and I dressed as witches and did a photo shoot in a festively decorated shopping village.

In 2013 I ran a Halloween race in a Runner-Girl "costume"

Since I haven't had the opportunity to wear my costumes anywhere yet I have photoshopped them into interesting backgrounds.


Halloween is commonly a great opportunity to do some crossdressing or try it for the first time. It is also a great time to shop for women's clothing, shoes, wigs, etc. There is always the guise of doing it for a costume. A couple years ago I was shopping in the women's clothing section of a second hand store on Oct 31st and a sales lady saw me looking at skirts and smiled and said "Happy Halloween". She might have known I wasn't shopping for a costume but the situation is a lot more comfortable. For me, the past several years have been all about the kids. Getting them dressed and taking them out trick-or-treating or staying home to scare the kiddies that come by or hand out candy. I did crossdress in college once for Halloween and I have taken pictures of myself in the costumes I have acquired since then (for future opportunities) but I haven't gone out crossdressed since that one time. The time I did it in college I went to a party as a witch. I didn't have the skills and tools (wigs, shoes, etc) that I do now but I still had fun. A girl I was dating and her roommate helped make me up as well has her roommate's boyfriend. I got a few good comments but mostly I tried not to play it up too much.

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