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Tight waist, long top     

emphasizes hourglass figure

Long sleeves

cover muscular arms

High collar or scarf

hides Adam's apple  


minimizes look of broad shoulders

textured shoulders

disguises muscular shoulders

high heels

elongates legs, improves posture 


makes legs smooth and shapely

flared skirt

hides narrow hips

tight skirt

shows curves when using padding

puffy top

hides true body structure

and is a girly look

long cardigan tops

covers arms while showing glimpses of narrow waist

bolero jacket or sweater

can wear stylish dress while hiding arms and shoulders

wide belted waist

makes waist look narrower

flared sleeves

covers arms, hands and is girly


enhances perception of hour-glass figure

extra long sleeves

cover broad, manly hands

capri pants

shows off feminine calves while hiding manly knees, thighs

It can be a lot of fun to try different styles and try to create new looks. Because a man’s body is built differently than a woman’s many of those styles just don’t look very good. Luckily there is enough variation in the construction and fit of different styles that you can build a variety of different looks by selection clothing that gives a flattering look.

Flattering Styles

These styles I find enhance the illusion of a feminine figure or hide the masculine features.

Finding A Style and Pose to Maximize Your Look

Presenting a feminine image can be quite a challenge. I use Pinterest and other sources to save photos of clothing styles and poses I want to try. Here are a few obvious examples:

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