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Are you/do you ever plan to be full time?

The longest I’ve ever stayed enfemm is 3 days. I have no intentions of ever going full time at all. To do that I would have to give up 99% of the things I enjoy in life. Even if I didn’t have to give up all that stuff I wouldn’t do it. Looking and acting feminine is fun but it’s just too much work to do all the time.

Who takes your pictures?

I take 99% of them myself using the timer function on my camera. The few times that I’ve gone to functions that had other cross-dressers present we’d swap cameras often and take photos of each other. My wife doesn’t participate since she usually prefers to see me as her husband.

Where do you get all your clothes?

My wife and I like to spend time together browsing the clearance racks of deptartmet stores and second-hand stores. That way we can each partake of our love of ladies' fashions without spending a ton.

Where do you keep all your clothes?

I have a few boxes under the bed and a few more on a shelf in the closet. I always figured the kids would eventually find them as the were snooping for Christmas presents or something but so far either they haven't found them or the didnt realize what they were looking at. Even if theyn did discover everything, I think we've raised them in a way that it wouldn't be difficult to deal with.

Do you share clothes with your wife?

Sometimes. She lets me try on most of her things if I want to and she’s borrowed things from me a few times but I’ve accumulated enough clothing in my female wardrobe that I don’t really need to go into her stuff.

Where do you get your wigs?

I've gotten a couple online at Glamour Boutique or ebay but the two that I wear most I bought at local wig stores. I felt awkward going in each time but decided to just suck it up and go for it.

What brand of (makeup,nylons, etc) do you use?

I probably should pay more attention to brands but I usually don't. I don't buy top of the line or the cheapest stuff but I usually buy whatever is on sale in the middle of the pricing range.

What is your height, size, etc?

I’m 5-7, about 145lbs. I wear size 10 bottoms but need a size 14 for a dress if it doesn’t have much stretch.
Shoe size is usually 9.5 +/-. That falls just inside the upper normal size for women so shoes that size are usually stocked but it’s not one of the more common sizes so I can frequently find my sizes in the clearance sections.

Do you get hit on when in public?

I’ve only been hit on once. (maybe twice) And both times they were genetic girls that were interested.

Will you meet/date me?

No. I am happily married and not interested in anything like that.

You appear to be dressing more. Are you advancing your femm side?

I still only dress a few times a year. Probably average 8 times per year. It looks like more because I make the most of the time I do dress and take lots of photos in various settings and outfits and post them piecemeal over time. It kind of makes the time between opportunities to dress more enjoyable.

I admire your relationship with your wife. Any suggestions?

All people and situations are different so I can’t really give advice on how to get your wife to be accepting. All I can say is to treat her like a goddess and maybe she’ll overlook your strange hobby. If possible, make sure she knows about you as early in the relationship as you can.

Besides your wife who knows you are a cross-dresser?

Very few people. I don’t fear people finding out but there’s no need to advertize it either. My sister caught me once when I was a teen but I was able to talk my way out of it being an issue. My daughter must have seen me once when she was little because she “joked” about daddy wearing a dress but her details were right on. Luckily, she’s kind of a joker and no one really took her seriously. I did present to the kids in my “runner-girl costume” but that doesn’t really count. Other than that there are just a few people that knew me first as Heidi that also know my true persona.

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