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Part 1, 2 & 3

I thought it might be fun to make an "Origin Story" video. Every Super-Hero has one, right? This video is actually more of a spoof on how I got the name "Heidi". The actual story is that my wife was joking with me (about something unrelated to cross-dressing) and said, "You are quite a Dr Jekyll and Mrs Hyde." Then she laughed at her mistake and said that was how we should refer to my femm persona, "Mrs Hyde". Before long that was shortened to the less matronly form of "Heidi".

So I decided to make a video of a scientist that makes a concoction to heal his crippled and ailing body. The elixir works but his new healthy body is a female body. As part of the video the transformed Heidi discovers she needs a new wardrobe to fit her new body. This required that I leave home enfemm and shoot some videos at a mall or shopping center. I slipped out the front door with baggy pants and hoodie on over my nylons, skinny jeans, and lacy top. My wig, shoes, purse and jewelry were in a duffel bag.

I got to the car fine but as I stopped at the stop sign to leave the neighborhood I had to wait for a car to turn in front of me. As usual I lifted my hand in front of my face to shield it but noticed the driver was the neighbor who lives across the street from me. Undeterred, I drove to a nearby church to put on my wig and continue to the mall. I feel so much better driving completely enfemm than in makeup wearing a hoodie and sunglasses. 

I got to the mall and took some videos of myself in the parking lot going to and returning from the mall without any real notice or issues. Then I drove to a thrift store with big changing rooms to do some shopping. I had on skinny jeans, lace tank top, tan cardigan sweater and tan fringe ankle boots. As I walked across the parking lot a woman exited the store and walked directly toward me. I looked right back. She just kind of stared with a blank look and I knew she was trying to figure out what she was seeing. As I approached the door a man exited and looked at me giving me the "hello" half smile which seemed perfectly normal. 

The store was busier than I expected but everyone seemed too much in their own world to notice that among them was a man wearing women's clothing. I selected a few items and went into the ladies' dressing rooms. There was no dressing room attendant so it was easy to just walk right in. After checking my look in the mirror, for the first time since leaving the house, I was feeling good and confident so I took pictures in the various outfits and continued to shop around a little. A woman about 65 or so came near me so I stepped aside to let her pass but she stopped and pointed at my (very ordinary) bracelet and said "Your bracelet is very pretty." I smiled and softly replied a thank you and that she was sweet to say so. I haven't developed a very feminine voice and what I have been working on is difficult to call up on a moments notice so I'm sure I confirmed her suspicion that I was not a genuine female. Possibly, she could tell from the start that I was a guy dressed as a girl but was impressed at how I was presenting very stylishly and she wanted to say something nice

Shortly afterward, I knew it was time to get home so that I could transform back and get everything cleaned up before my wife got home. She knew I was having a Heidi Day but I try to make sure that I don't let it cut into our husband and wife time. In the car I put the baggy clothes back on, took off the wig, and drove back home. No sign of any neighbors. I got some good photos and video clips but failed to record some key scenes so I decided I needed to go out again soon. 

Part 2

As life and circumstances dictated, it wasn't for another month before I could get out again. This time I had been in contact with Lisa and since we hadn't gotten together in a long time we decided to meet to finish the shoot and then do some more fun pictures.

I did my usual partial transformation and left home, this time without any near misses. Fortunately, a cold, late April storm was keeping people inside their houses. I arrived at a thrift store 20 min away from home and walked right in. Lisa texted and said she was on her way. I started looking around and immediately started finding lots of fun things to try on. Usually I shop in guy mode with my wife. I carefully select an item or two and then slip into the changing room. I can't get the perfect idea of how the garment will look without my breast forms and hip padding but at least I can eliminate things that don't fit at all. And when I have shopped enfemm it is usually at a transgender convention and I've already spent the preceding weeks and months acquiring everything I wanted and the shopping experience was more just to be out in public enfemm.

So, this was kind of a special experience. I was shopping enfemm with the actual intention of buying. I had a different attitude and grabbed anything that cought my eye even if it seemed like something that wouldnt work for me.  I boldly looked people in the eye when near them and people did seem to look at me longer than normal. I suppose they were trying to figure out my gender but I didnt care. I know that in real life with bad lighting angles and when viewed from different positions I don't look nearly as passable as I do in my photos.

As I was looking at bra's,  a woman stopped right in front of me and said Hi.  For a half second I was nervous but then I realized the woman was Lisa! I looked around with her for a bit and then we headed  over to the fitting rooms. The rooms were super small and the handicapped room was blocked off. Lisa decided she'd come out of the fitting room each time and look in the big 3 way mirror out front. She has such admirable confidence and is quite passable in any lighting and from any profile. I asked a sales girl if I could use the handicapped room and she unblocked it saying they usually only do that for moms with little kids. 

I tried on my outfits, took some quick videos and pictures but since I had so many items it took me a long time. Just as I was finishing, there was a knock on the door. I opened it with my selections in my arms and a sales guy asked if I was almost done. I said I was indeed finished and noticed a woman with what appeared to be a mentally slow teenage son were apparently waiting for me, Oops! I felt bad and hoped they weren't waiting long for me. 

We went to the checkout counter and the same clerk that had knocked on my door was at the register. I was a little nervous that he would be annoyed at me for taking so long in the dressing room and wondered if he knew I had been videoing...which might seem inappropriate to an employee.  The woman ahead of me was paying with a check and the clerk took a LONG time to process it. This gave me the opportunity when it was my turn to joke with him about payment forms and he was very pleasant to us. 

I asked Lisa to video me walking out of the store. Unfortunately, the cold spring storm had turned into a snowy winter storm. This didn't really effect my video but we had planned to go to a couple of parks and do some girly pictures in sundresses, among flowers, etc. We decided to go anyways and the results were not what we expected. 

(to be continued)

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Dr Jekyll and Mrs Heidi

~and adventuring with Lisa

Part 3

We went to the first park and tried to get some photos but the snow and wind were biting. We took some photos on a bridge, then in front of a tree and the lighting was good but the cold kept us from lingering. I didnt see any nice groves with flowers and benches like I was hoping for but I also wasnt inclined to look around very long. 

Lisa suggested that the squall might be localized and suggested we drive up the hill to a temple. The setting we found was wonderful. While it was still cold and wet, the snow was much lighter and the bad weather meant we had the flower garden area to ourselves. Actually, the temple was much busier than I expected but everyone just hurried to and from their cars with their heads down. 

We were taking turns photographing each other when a man in a car stopped near us and rolled down window. My first thought was that he was going to reprimand us for being in drag on the temple grounds. Instead, he said, "Do you 'Sisters' want me to take a photo of the two of you together?" I hesitated and weakly said "No, Thanks" ad Lisa more confidently said, "Thank you, but we are all set." He smiled and waved and drove off. 

Later, both Lisa and I realized we should have let him take the photo of us. She admitted and I agree that it is a challenge to get in the habit of letting men be chivalrous to us. It is still unexpected when a man holds a door, steps aside to let me pass, or offers to take a photo. It is always good to be on alert to potential dangers but I need to be on alert to potential compliments as well. The interactions between women and men, or even women and other women, is something that is learned starting in childhood and fun to try to learn and decode from the other perspective. 

By then it was about noon. Lisa had to get changed to go to work and my wife would be home soon. She told me to stay out as long as I wanted but I wanted to get changed so that I could spend time with her. Lisa and I said goodby.  We promised to get together again soon and decided we needed a re-do when the weather was better.

Photos from the temple below